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Sep. 27th, 2016 03:32 pm
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If you're a fan of the #bookstagram hashtag on Instagram or love the idea of an IG-like platform dedicated to books, then check out Litsy. I especially recommend it to people who are tired of Goodreads!

I'm incitata. I'd link but I don't think there's a web rendering of the app the same way there is for IG. Follow me! And share your usernames if you're a user!

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Sep. 26th, 2016 10:09 pm
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The latest in the Neverending apartment drama is that I've been sent a bill for my next rent and utilities that shows me as still owing utilities and the late fee for the bill that wasn't paid late from last month.

It's like they WANT to make sure no one wants to renew their leases.

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Sep. 26th, 2016 08:50 pm
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I don't have it in me to actually watch the presidential debate, but I'm following tags on tumblr and it sounds like it's going exactly how I expected it to go.

Almost willing to put money on all the media saying Trump was dynamic and passionate and kept getting caught up in the moment, and Hillary being condescending and both Trying Too Hard and just not lika le enough. "Almost" because, I mean, they might actually catch up with reality this time.

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Sep. 25th, 2016 07:24 pm
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More from Sequel Season: The Poisoned Blade is book two of Kate Elliott's Court of Fives, the first book of which has been described by the author as Little Women meets American Ninja Warrior, set in a fantasy society that borrows heavily from Hellenistic Egypt.

In the first book, the mixed-race family of Our Heroine Jes is torn completely apart by a political opportunist who wants her star general father married to his niece, and her inconvenient mother and sisters dead.

On the bright side, all this turmoil ends up giving Jes the opportunity to follow her dream and compete full-time in Hellenistic Egyptian American Ninja Warrior!

Book two features more Hellenistic Egyptian American Ninja Warrior, more sibling issues, and MUCH more complex political conspiracies. (Plus, alas to me, more love triangle.) The plot continues to be rollicking and the political conspiracies are genuinely interesting. Once again, the first half of the book took me a little while to get into before the much more action-packed second half, mostly because of the repeated instances of:

JES: I'm gonna do a thing.
INTELLIGENT ADULT: Here is a concise, reasonable explanation as to why doing the thing will blow up in your face in a way that is actively harmful to you and your family, and therefore you are forbidden to do the thing.
JES: whatever, I am totally smart and clever enough to pull off doing the thing.
INTELLIGENT ADULT: well who could ever have predicted that >:|

This is a very consistent character trait for Jes, but it is also maybe a reason why Jes herself is probably my least favorite of her siblings. (Admittedly, the competition for favorite is between 'the sensible history nerd who wants to be an archivist' and 'the gossipy, socially brilliant secret lesbian.' Sorry, Jes, you never stood a chance.) Also, if Jes had enough sense not to do things that are obviously bad ideas, much of the plot would not occur, and I do like the plot! But I still wish that YA did not insist so very much on first person present tense; I think this is a story that could really benefit from the option to have multiple POVs.

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Sep. 25th, 2016 06:50 pm
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On Litsy as meganbm123 (same as Twitter) for anyone else who's there, but I haven't done anything there yet.

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Sep. 24th, 2016 01:23 pm
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Sequel Season continues with The Obelisk Gate, the follow-up to N.K. Jemisin's The Fifth Season, in which the world ended and everything was terrible but in extremely interesting and engaging ways!

In The Obelisk Gate, the world continues to end, and things continue to be terrible, but there is a glimmer of hope! Essun, Our Heroine, has found a community where people don't want to (immediately) kill her, and within that community is an old friend (who is admittedly dying), and within that old friend is (possibly) the knowledge that might (maybe) save the world from several thousand years of geological winter and the inevitable destruction of humanity, if he can ever manage to impart it in a straight sentence before he turns completely into stone and is consumed by his new stone eater bestie.

In the meantime, Essun's lost eleven-year-old daughter Nassun is off on her own adventures! ... with a dad who killed her little brother and still might do the same to her if he's not convinced that she's 'curable'; a shiny new father figure who has done many terrible things and will most likely do more terrible things and loves Nassun very, very much; and a plot arc that seems likely to place her in direct and potentially world-destroying collision with her mother (who still wants more than anything to find her daughter, despite the fact that Nassun has no interest in having anything further to do with her) in Book Three.

The Fifth Season was a grim book. This book is as dark, or darker. It's engaging very hard with cycles of abuse and the way that oppression facilitates those cycles, both on the overarching and the extremely personal scales. Also, Essun and Nassun between them wipe out at least three ENTIRE CITIES in this book alone. Maybe four? I might be losing count. (And yet still neither of them is actually winning the body count Olympics! Thanks, Alabaster.)

But, you know, as of this book I do not, in fact, actually feel like the entire series is likely to end with rocks falling and everyone dying, which is something! (A rock certainly seems destined to fall and a lot of people will most likely die -- at this point, Essun is going at a steady rate of two cities destroyed per book and I expect that to be maintained at BARE MINIMUM -- but probably not everybody!)

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Sep. 22nd, 2016 03:34 pm
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One of the problems with working varying kinds of customer service in a call center for 13 years (including periods where I monitored calls) is that you pick up the ability to yell the difference between representatives who are irritating because they have to follow certain procedures and can't only do what you want but don't quite know how to satisfactorily convey "I'm really really sorry I'm doing my best but I have to do it this way or i'll get in trouble!", and customer service representatives who really aren't paying attention and are ignoring anything you say that doesn't fit one or two exact things and doesn't want to explain or discuss things, and knowing the difference makes the latter 1000% more annoying.

For the record, discounting customers who are simply rude and /or jerks* the majority of complaints I hear about customer service reps from people seem to be more likely the former than the latter. Most customer service reps know that they have to do things that annoy their customers, they just don't have an option.

*These are the people I most frequently see with "how I dealt with the rude/annoying customer service person who angered me by doing something that the tiniest bit of critical thinking would reveal to be something they are required to do, so I harassed them at their job now give me a pat on the back" stories.

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Sep. 22nd, 2016 08:08 am
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Viki basically cutting off fanchannels is pretty much sending cdrama fen who need subtitles back to the early 2000s, where you had maybe a 10% chance of a show you wanted to watch getting subtitled, as opposed to the roughly 70% of the last few years.

Ice Fantasy, at least, is safe, and Novoland and Love 020 are completed, I just have to finish watching them. The Mystic Nine is coming from elsewhere anyway, so that's not hurt any, but I may be sunk as far as Sparrow or The Legend of Chusen go, after I finish the episodes that are already subtitled. (Unless someone knows somewhere else to get subbed cdramas these days?)

I suppose I should look at it as a chance to start catching up on my huge backlog, but I don't feel like being that positive about it.

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Sep. 21st, 2016 07:53 pm
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Trying to find a new health insurance plan so that it will go into effect with only a few days between my old one ending (Monday) and the new one starting would be the most emotionally trying things I've done in ages if it weren't for all the (now resolced) apartment issues the last few weeks.

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Sep. 19th, 2016 07:10 pm
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Everyone please offer up whatever prayers or wishes best suit you that I will not throw a screaming hissy fit tomorrow when I call my apartment's office to ask why the new bathroom faucet that I was promised 2 weeks ago (because of a whole from the corrosion I was told not to worry about before) has NOT BEEN put in, even after I called earlier today to ask why not, and was promised it would be taken care of. They did, however, come back to pick up the plumbing parts they left while I was at my parents (thanks to main line problems causing bad clogs ) and mark the work order as completed. I MEAN HI, THERE IS A TWO INCH HOLE IN THE BASE OF THE FAUCET THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE.

And yes, this is what they weren't doing last week while they were harassing me with late fees for a bill that wasn't even due yet.

Honestly, at this point, if I could afford to, I would move and pay the fee for breaking the lease.

ETA: going to watch season 3,  of Carmilla now (I think the whole season is out?) and hope I end up feeling calmer and less ragey.

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Sep. 18th, 2016 06:02 pm
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It's sequel season! I am drowning in books I've been looking forward to reading and am now desperately trying to keep up with as they come in for me at the library. Let's start with Four Roads Cross, the Max Gladstone Craft book which I have been waiting for ever since I first read Three Parts Dead, aka THE ONE WITH MORE TARA IN IT.

Three Parts Dead is the first book in the Craft sequence, set in a world in which the economy runs on soul-magic, which results in a great deal of magical lawyering and divine financial negotiation. In that book, neophyte magical lawyer Tara Reynolds assists a city whose God has just died with fulfilling their divine financial obligations and ends up setting a whole number of other balls in motion as a result.

Without too many spoilers, Four Roads Cross picks up several of the spinning balls left at the end of Three Parts Dead and pitches them onwards in a way that was about 90% satisfying to me. I especially liked the thread about the community of people that run the local farmer's market, how all the high-level divine changes in the city look from the ground, and how those people impact the book's eventual conclusion. But also, Tara! And her complicated relationship with theology, and her joy in her own cleverness, and her student loans! This gets more spoilery )

Anyway, then I reread Three Parts Dead to remind myself of all the things I missed in Four Roads Cross, and it is still probably my favorite of them all, with Last First Snow coming a very close second. But Four Roads Cross is a worthy third and I remain extremely excited for whatever further Craft Sequence adventures there may be!

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Sep. 17th, 2016 04:39 pm
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Quick note that avistaz has open registration this weekend (and if you see this after that ends, I almost always have invites) as well as a lot of free downloads, but I don’t know when either ends.

What I'm watching in September

Sep. 16th, 2016 03:31 pm
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Ice Fantasy
Love 020*
The Mystic Nine
The Legend of Chusen
Novoland: The Castle in the Sky*


The Flower in Prison
Scarlet Heart Ryeo
W: Two Worlds*


Thunderbolt Fantasy


Beauty and the Beast*
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend**
Dark Matter*

I...honestly am not sure what else starts this month? I think K2 starts soon for kdramas and US shows are premiering/returning soon, but have no idea what the dates are for any of them.

*=Finished airing/on hiatus in its country of origin and fully subtitled where applicable, I just haven't finished it yet.
**=Very slowly and sporadically. It's good but I have issues with it. Will probably speed up when the new season starts so i can catch the new episodes when Hulu takes them down.

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Sep. 14th, 2016 08:26 pm
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It is almost this month's book club, which reminds me that I never wrote up last month's book club book, Ursula LeGuin's The Lathe of Heaven.

The Lathe of Heaven is one of those deceptively short, simple LeGuins that takes a premise and just steadily and relentlessly works its way through it.

In this case, the premise is that when hapless little George Orr goes into REM sleep, his dreams accidentally change the world.

Nobody knows about or remembers any of the previous iterations of reality but George, and George is EXTREMELY STRESSED about all of this. So stressed that the mild dystopia in which he lives eventually mandates that he go to therapy -- where his therapist Dr. Haber becomes the second person to learn about George's abilities, and has the bright idea of combining hypnosis with sleep manipulation to create a perfect (for Dr. Haber) society!

Dr. Haber has probably not read The Monkey's Paw or any of the other various helpful fables about being careful what you wish for, but even if he had read them, he probably wouldn't think they applied to him anwyway.

What follows is an increasingly weird series of dystopias, as George fumbles through an effort to take some sort of responsibility for his unwanted powers by attempting to convince Dr. Haber that he should not be taking responsibility for the whole world, while, around them, any kind of definitive sense of 'reality' starts to fold inward on itself like the end of an Ikuhara series.

The book has three characters -- George, Dr. Haber, and Heather Lalache, George's lawyer and love interest, who in the first half of the book seems like she is going to be a force on the order of the first two and in the second half of the book functions almost entirely as a metaphorical symbol for Why A World In Which Race Does Not Exist Is A Dystopia. (Heather is mixed-race.) This is probably my biggest frustration with the book and the reason I do not wholeheartedly love it, but is also something that I do not think would have happened were this not one of LeGuin's first novels, and written in 1971.

There have been a couple of TV movies made of this book and I haven't seen any of them, but the more I think about it, the more I would love to see a really surreally animated version.


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