May. 11th, 2012

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Remember my post of rage about TV Tropes cutting a bunch of pages like Naughty Tentacles and Lolita? Well now you can view a handy list of the pages that got nuked in the latest purge.

It seems that this purge, like the one a couple of years back that exiled Fetish Fuel, was prompted by the ad people cutting off funding and demanding that the site delete certain things. This time around it's porn and pedophilia that's on the chopping block. And actually, I don't have much of a problem with this; porn is so simplistic that it's pretty boring to catalogue tropes about anyway, and while I object on principle to censoring the pedophilic stuff, I can't really get too worked up about creepfests like Kodomo No Jikan getting the boot. Some things just aren't worth starting a fight over. And I do get some enjoyment from the idea of all those creepy TV Tropes KnJ apologists getting smacked with the banhammer.

Fortunately, Lolita was reinstated, although I was pretty disgusted to see how many people in the cut-list thread were like "Well if it means getting rid of all that pedo filth, then I don't mind if Lolita goes down in the process." What the fuck? Lolita is a) a piece of classic literature and b) a book that's all about how terrible and deplorable child molestation is. What the fuck is wrong with you. Fate Stay Night was also reinstated, as was... Black Bird? Huh? Yeah, it was pretty funny to read the conversation between the rather dictatorial owner of TV Tropes and the confused Black Bird readers trying to convince him that, no really, just because it has one brief sex scene involving a teenage girl that doesn't mean it's aimed at male pedos. Really. I mean, I think Black Bird is revolting and horrible, but that doesn't mean it should be censored, especially not on the basis of pedophilia, unless there's something about it I don't know.

Unfortunately, Naughty Tentacles is still in the Schrodinger's cat box. *worries* And I hope Caligula gets a reprieve because I know from watching the Cinema Snob that it has more than enough substance and plot beyond the porn to be trope-worthy. Plus its hilariously troubled production and disjointed finished product are fun to document.

I'm also getting some amusement out of reading the reasons listed for the deletions. Most of them just say something simple like "porn" or "hentai," but something called "Vase De Noces" was explained with "This is known as the Pig Fucking Movie. 'nuff said." And A Serbian Film was simply explained with "EXTERMINATE." Ha, I love how A Serbian Film has become the new internet standard for brain-scarring awfulness.

Anyway, TV Tropes = not actually failing as much as was previously thought. So far.

Edit: Also, thanks to the Black Bird thread, I found this list of the top selling English translations of manga series in 2011. Black Bird was #6. Higher than FMA. Higher than Soul Eater. Higher than Ouran. If you'll excuse me, I need to go weep for the fate of humanity.


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