Jan. 9th, 2013

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The notoriously batshit SPN fandom is smouldering yet again. As usual, it's the Jared/Jensen tinhats — this time, they're upset because Jensen and his wife are expecting a baby. (Jared and his wife also recently had a baby.)

Amidst all the boggling, [profile] ekaterinv raised an interesting question for which I couldn't think of an answer:

Here's one thing that's bugging me: straight men can have masturbation fantasies about two hot women getting it on without believing that said women are actually getting it on. Why is there a a small and very vocal group of straight women who absolutely cannot deal with their masturbation fantasies about two hot men being [just] fantasies?

Indeed, there are several fandoms that contain these RPS "tinhats": people who don't simply ship two male actors — they believe that the two men are actually gay and actually involved in a secret relationship. Not only that, but these fans tend to be incredibly rabid in their beliefs — they're hugely invested in believing that the relationship between these two men is real and not a fantasy.

But the question is: why are these tinhat fans almost always women? Like [profile] ekaterinv said, there are plenty of straight men who can enjoy girl-on-girl fantasies without needing them to be real. I'm racking my brains, and I can't think of any instance where a bunch of fanboys were religiously devoted to the idea of two specific actresses being secret lesbian lovers. So why is that?


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