Mar. 1st, 2013

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Some more Homestuck ponderings, in list form:

1. Why did Kanaya and Equius pick that particular moment to replace Tavros's legs? Why did they wait until after they'd finished the game and were stuck on the meteor thinking they were going to die soon anyway? Not that the robo-legs would have helped him in-game much, since Vriska's rocket-car and his animal-communing powers already took care of his transportation and combat needs respectively. My only theory is that Kanaya was sick of Karkat being sleep-deprived and cranky all the time, and she figured a nice bloody chain-sawing would terrify him into unconsciousness for a while.

2. Why didn't Kanaya kill *SPOILER* when she had the chance? 3x combo showdown )

3. How did the carpenter bots know what kind of house to build Karkat? Karkat's heritage )

4. Lately I've been spending a lot of time playing through the three Meenah-bound games from Act 6, Intermission 3. Like most people (I assume), I totally tuned out Kankri's endless word-vomit the first time around, but on a replay, it occurred to me that there was some pretty interesting world-building stuff buried under all that pompous bullshit, so I did my best to unearth it. Granted, I don't know how much of this stuff is canon and how much is just Hussie doing his keymash thing. But whatever, imma just roll with it.

Sexuality, lifespan, and the caste system )

5. Somebody on TV Tropes made an astute observation about why the trolls' storyline abruptly turned into a slasher flick: No more slime )


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