Mar. 29th, 2013

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Some more Hamsteak ponderings:

-Why don't the Carapacians understand how Quest Beds work? We've seen this a couple times: future!WV watched John die on his Bed and assumed he was dead for good, Jack killed John on his Bed without realizing he was giving his enemy a huge power boost, and later he laid Jade to rest on her Bed without realizing that it would resurrect her. My guess is that the game keeps the Agents in the dark about Quest Beds in order to keep things fairer. It prevents the Dersites from sabotaging or booby-trapping the Beds, and also prevents the Prospitians from guarding them. There was one Agent who did know about the Beds — Snowman, who urged Vriska to mind-control Tavros into killing her in order to speed up the process. However she knows more because she's a queen, or maybe she found out about the Beds after getting exiled, or maybe Scratch told her.

-During the 3-year voyage, we see some imps watching a movie with John, Jade, and friends. Why aren't the imps hostile anymore? Theory 1: Because the King and Queen are dead, and Jack has permanently ditched town, so there's nobody to lead the enemy forces anymore. Theory 2: Because the game was paused by the Scratch, as evidenced by the Denizens going back to sleep.

-In the Fruity Rumpus Asshole Factory, Karkat mentions that Vriska and Terezi have killed both Dave and John once apiece. How did he know about that? We know that Terezi killed Wise Guy John and Kiwi Dave, and Vriska killed Alpha John (on his Quest Bed) and Red Plush Dave (via DD). Terezi probably told Karkat about Wise Guy John (since it proved the immutability of the timeline) and he might have also seen or heard about her screwing over Kiwi Dave. (He also watched Kiwi Dave's death, but that was after the FRAF chat.) As for Vriska's kills, the only explanation I can think of is that she bragged about them to Karkat. However, she can't have told him many details about Red Plush Dave's death, because otherwise Karkat would've found out that Vriska created Bec and Bec Noir, and he would've completely flipped his lid.

-How many of the trolls knew about Aradia's death prior to playing Sgrub, and why did she keep it a secret from the rest? Vriska, Terezi, Sollux, and Equius knew about it, but Nepeta didn't, and Karkat's dialogue implied that he didn't either. I guess Aradia could've just not bothered to mention it to those in the dark, especially since she lives far away from them, but it seems odd that the news didn't spread through the Trollian gossip grapevine.

-Jade and Jake both grew up alone on a jungle island, with their sole human companion dying early on and only animals for company afterward, so why is Jake so much more socially inept than Jade? The other day I had an epiphany about this puzzler: Because Jade spend a huge chunk of her childhood on Prospit. Her dreamself woke up very early so she had plenty of time to make friends with all the chess people. Granted they're a little odd, but it's better than nothing. On the flip side, Jake's dreamself was killed before he ever woke up, so he just had the wild beasties for company.



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