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Well I got schooled pretty good on the "Derpy" issue. Sorry about the whole being-a-whiny-douche thing.

However in the midst of all the moral/social justice debating, I forgot that there was one other thing that bugged me about that scene, something much more trivial: hearing internet slang used on television. That completely skeeved me out. Maybe it's because I try to keep my internet life and my real life strictly segregated, maybe it's because I believe that fandom ought to fly under the radar for its own good due to all the questionable moral and legal stuff that routinely goes on here, or maybe it's just that it made the dialogue sound like something out of a fanfic, but as soon as the word "derpy" came out of Rainbow Dash's mouth, I was like "nooooooo they know about us! They know we exist! The abyss is looking back! Everyone run for your liiiiiives!" There's just something so wrong about hearing a slang word that was mostly popularized by 4chan get spoken on an actual professional real-life tv show.

It's like that one time when two of my professors asked me what 4chan was and I was like "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT" D:

*hides under a comforter*

Date: 2012-01-25 01:59 pm (UTC)
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According to Know Your Meme, though, the "derp" meme originated in part with South Park and a character named "Mr. Derp" (although commenters on Unfunny Fandom noted that people were saying "derp derp" and making fist-to-chest disability-mocking gestures even before that in schools, so who knews where it first originated or when), so apparently it isn't the first time, or something internet-exclusive.


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