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This week on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure...


Most inappropriate character name ever! (The title of that fanart translates to "I'm not a food!" Lol, shows what you know Cioccolata — in this arc, everyone's a food. Except for Giorno, but his hair is a food.)

-As is traditional, Narancia and Mista get the worst of the mold Stand. Poor babies. :(


-No wait, that is not all: even DIAVOLO is creeped out by Cioccolata. D:

-I heard someone joke that Giorno has a Bachelor's degree in Biology. I totally believe this. Either that or as soon as he discovered his Stand powers, he went to the library and read everything they had on botany and zoology.

-Wow, Cioccolata and Secco are the creepiest duo ever. D:

-Ha! Bruno is immune to Cioccolata's mold because it only affects living things and Bruno's undead! Never thought his zombiefication would come in handy like that. Although what if Bruno gets injured? Will Giorno be able to repair his body? You can't heal a dead person.

-I do think it's pretty awesome that dying only served to make Bruno even more badass.

-Holy shit, Bruno did know all this time that he was undead, and he didn't tell anyone! And then he's like "Btw, please don't tell anyone else about this," and Giorno's like *ANGST*

-Mista: He's out of my range! I can't hit anything from here!
Giorno: Mista! How would you know if you don't try!

And then Giorno used the power of HoYay (and Gold Experience) to help Mista's bullets bring down the helicopter!

-Eeewwwww Cioccolata's self-dismemberment technique is disgusting. I liked that trick a lot better when Bruno did it. At least Bruno had the decency to zip himself into nice neat segments instead of letting his vertebrate and guts all hang out.

-Nooooo the mold is attacking Giorno's hair! Oh snap, it is on now!

-Sex Pistols wins the prize for Stand Most Helpful To People Other Than Its Owner.

-Giorno's trick with letting Cioccolata's mold eat away the vine and turn it back into a bullet which then hit Cioccolata in the head was cool and all, but how in the hell did the vine/bullet work up enough velocity to pierce through Cioccolata's head?

-I like how Giorno is genre-savvy enough to suspect that Cioccolata might not be completely dead yet.

-HA! Giorno's typical Shonen Hero Expositing In The Middle Of A Fight Scene routine was actually a gambit to buy time so that he could grow a pincer beetle inside Cioccolata's head!

-Cioccolata: You... you said... if I don't move... you won't do anything!
Giorno: You should know better than that.


-Secco is straddling the line between creepy and cute.

-Aha! It is Polnareff! Yaaay!

-Eeewwww Bruno's starting to literally fall apart. That answers what I was wondering before — you can't heal a dead person, so any damage done to zombie-Bruno's body is permanent.

-Bruno: I don't really know why either, but my body can't feel pain anymore, even when I break a finger. My heart has stopped beating too, which is why I don't bleed. My injuries aren't too severe either... so I guess it won't matter if I burst my eardrums.
Secco: O_____O


Even when he's been reduced to a disintegrating zombie, I still have a huge crush on Bruno. <3_____<3

-OSHIT, SECCO ACCIDENTALLY TOOK DOPPIO HOSTAGE. And Bruno used his zippers to punch through Doppio's torso without harming him and thus restrain Secco, also with zippers. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE ZOMBIE MAN WITH THE ZIPPERS. HE WILL FUCKING END YOU.

-Aww poor Bruno's really going to pieces. This is really depressing to watch.

-GAH Doppio disguised himself as Trish! D: And now Bruno's having this adorable conversation with someone he thinks is Trish, but it's really Doppio. *wibble*

-Doppio's all impressed by how genre savvy Polnareff is being, and I'm like pfft, he's not one of the longest-surviving characters in the series for nothing, you know.

-AHHHHH IT'S DIAVOLO! I appreciate that he doesn't wear a shirt.

-Oh gross, what in the heck is that arrow doing to poor Silver Chariot?


Mista realizes he's stuck in Trish's body


-This next chapter starts with an info page on Narancia. True to his name, he loves orange juice, and I was amused to see that his favorite anime is Fist of the Northern Star, considering that he's living a whacked-out version of Fist of the Northern Star. It's like what the Cinema Snob said about the heroine of Pussy Talk's choice of entertainment: "Why is Joelle watching a porn? Her life is a porn!"

-Lol and now Trish is flipping out at Mista for absent-mindedly touching her body in inappropriate places. "If you spread my legs again, I'll kill you!"

-HA! Polnareff avoided death by getting his spirit stuck in the turtle! Aww but that means the turtle's probably dead. :(

-Bruno got transferred into Diavolo's body = TOTALLY CALLED IT. As soon as he showed up, I could tell by his facial expression — it was too srs and not pouty enough to be Diavolo.

-Sex Pistols: Woah! You're beautiful! Can we touch?

Pfft Mista may have been freaked out by his new body, but his Stand seems to like it just fine.

-Yaaay Trish got to use Spice Girl again!

-Another info page, this time on Mista. Turns out he likes chick flicks and the Carpenters. *snerk*

-Oh shit, Narancia just got killed off-screen! And he didn't even get to die in his own body! D:

-Awww and Giorno promises to bring him back to his hometown and covers him with flowers from Gold Experience. I'm getting all teary over here.

-I'm impressed that turtle-Polnareff was able to pick up the arrow in his mouth. Polnareff = badass even as a turtle. And now Silver Chariot is being weird again.

On that depressing/confusing note, I really need to go to bed.
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