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I have been really bad about posting lately, because I've been spending most of my time:

a) watching MST3K
b) building Charles-Wysocki-inspired houses in Minecraft
c) BEING EMPLOYED OMGGGG praise baby Jesus, no more filling out job applications!
d) getting sick AGAIN after I just spent a month getting over a chest bug, probably due to the aforementioned new job and getting plunged into a delightful cornucopia of new germs

Regarding item A, I've been watching some good ones:

-The Sinister Urge is a fun one because when you get Ed Wood to directly a morality tale about why porn is eeeeevil, you guarantee a bunch of hilariously preachy dialogue and boneheaded plotting. I love how when the detective guy says that making porn is "worse than kidnapping or dope-peddling," Crow just straight-up goes "No it isn't!" Also loved the bit in the opening skit when the boys give Gypsy four sets of pinking shears for her shower and then Frank sends her a fifth set of pinking shears, and Crow suggests that Gypsy return Frank's pair and get something else, and Mike goes "But what if the first four break?"

-Horrors of Spider Island is one of my favorite episodes because it's about 10% giant spiders killing people and 90% busty women finding excuses to run around in their underwear. One of the US releases called the film "It's Hot In Paradise," which is much more accurate. Anyway, I find that wherever there is gratuitous fanservice, there is funny riffing by Mike and the bots.

-Beginning of the End. Three words: "That's a postcard!" Worst special effect ever! And I want to know how they got the grasshoppers to "fall" off the "building" — I suspect somebody was at the top of the postcard with a straw and was blowing air on them to push them back. This is some A+ bad monster movie right here.

-The Giant Gila Monster taught me that despite their name, gila monsters are not scary. In fact they're kind of cute. Also, I heard that's not even a real gila monster in the movie — they used some other kind of lizard. This one has some great riffing and one of the most nauseatingly saccharine in-movie songs I've ever heard in the form of "Laugh, Children, Laugh" or whatever it's called. And I love Joel's lizard-tongue-flicking noise. And that "You don't say!" gag makes me crack up every time.

-Skydivers is probably Coleman Francis's most watchable film and it wound up being one of my favorite MST episodes so far. Dear god, the riffing in this one is hilarious. There's really nothing else to say about it, unless y'all want me to start incessantly quoting all my favorite lines from it.

-Girl in Lover's Lane is a weird case where the riffing is really funny but the movie itself is depressing as all hell. Seriously, who was this movie made for? But that whole "Are you waiting for a bus?" scene with the hooker in the bathtub is like a solid minute-and-a-half of A+ riffing.
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