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It occurred to me that although I'm a fan of the Precure franchise and have watched assorted episodes from each of its 7 iterations, I've never watched the ending to a Precure anime.

I guess it's because your average Precure season is around 50 episodes long and stuffed full of irrelevant filler, and my attention span just isn't up to the task. So I figured hey, why not skip over all that middle stuff and just watch the endings.

So I did!

Futari wa Pretty Cure: Eps 46-49

Short verdict: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Long verdict: Considering that Futari Wa is the show that birthed this whole mega-franchise, I was surprised by how dull and anti-climactic its ending was. The Big Bad getting backstabbed by his trio of minions was kind of interesting, but after that it was just this:

1) Mascot sends the girls a new power-up in the form of bracelets
2) Girls blast the minion trio with bracelets; they die
3) Big Bad absorbs the trio's powers and levels up
4) Mascot recharges the girls' bracelets
5) Girls blast the Big Bad with bracelets; he dies

Or to condense it even further: "Here's a new laser-gun, now use it on the hench-trio." *headshot* "Now use it on the Big Bad." *headshot* THE END

Futari wa Max Heart: Eps 45-47

Short verdict: More appropriately epic, but kind of repetitive.
Long verdict: Better than the previous season because some epic shit actually went down, like the Queen turning up in the nick of time to have an arm wrestling contest with the Big Bad, but this ending also did some epically dumb shit like giving Hikari not one but two Disney Deaths, with the second one being particularly galling because of how much they built up what a huge sacrifice Hikari was making. And maybe I wasn't paying attention, but did they ever explain how and why she's alive in the epilogue?

I also eyerolled at how Black and White went through the same "get depressed, lose all hope, give/receive inspirational speech, reminisce about loved ones, return to the battlefield stronger than ever" cycle twice in the final episode. Like, did no one in the Toei writing room look down at the script and go "Oh snap, we already did this scene like two pages ago!" Another facepalm moment came during the first "return to battlefield rah rah" scene when the girls' bracelets, which three of the hench-villains sacrificed their lives in order to shatter, suddenly rematerialize out of thin air, apparently due to the girls' sheer heroic willpower. I bet those hench-villains are kicking themselves in the hench-villain afterlife and wondering why they even bothered trying, seeing as how the heroes can just will their destroyed weapons back into existence.

Splash Star: Eps 46-49

I'd heard from the approximately three people who actually watched Splash Star that despite its mediocre rip-offy appearance, it was actually pretty hardcore, particularly in its ending.

Short verdict: Holy shit guys, Splash Star's ending is HARDCORE.
Long verdict: Okay so it does some of the same stupid shit that a lot of these endings do, like the constant Disney Deaths (I lost count of how many times the two sisters fake-died) and the plot where the villain totally wrecks the world but then a macguffin magically restores the whole world exactly as it was, at no cost or loss of life.

But! When I say "villain totally wrecks the world," do I ever mean it. First of all, the Big Bad actually achieves his series-long goal of turning the Earth into a wasteland. This is what the heroes have been spending the whole series trying to prevent, and now all their hard work is totally wasted. That's pretty harsh.

But then! The Big Bad get all pissed that the heroes still haven't given up yet, so he fucking BLOWS UP THE WORLD. And by "blows up," I mean all that's left of Earth is a few fragments and shards of rock floating in empty space, with the heroes ending up on the largest fragment, which is just a lump of dirt with a dead tree sticking out of it, and okay, how are they able to breathe in space and why is there still gravity on the dead-tree-Earth-fragment, BUT EVEN SO.

This guy blew our planet to smithereens on a show made for 8-year-old girls. That's pretty badass.

I also enjoyed the twist a few episodes prior, where the girls are fighting the guy who they think is the Big Bad, but when he gets a hole blown through his chest, they see that he's hollow inside. And then the not-Big-Bad's short ugly lackey, the one who got kicked around by all the other hench-villains, he turns up and kills the not-Big-Bad! And then he's like "Yeah, actually I'm the real Big Bad. That huge demonic-looking guy you were just fighting? I made him. He's my puppet, pretty much. Except not anymore, because I just killed him. With zero effort."

And everyone else is just like O_______O

So yeah, Splash Star: Not as crappy as it looks.

Yes Precure Five: Eps 46-49

Short verdict: WUSSY.
Long verdict: Jeez and I though Futari Wa had a limp dead fish of an ending — at least it ended with the Big Bad getting the bejeezus blasted out of him by Black and White's massive death-lasers.

The word to best sum up Yes Five's ending is "convenient." The baddies steal the Dream Collet and use up its one wish, so now the mascots' destroyed world can never be restored. But then it turns out that all of their countrymen are alive and being used as goons by the baddies, and all you need is a quick inspirational speech to turn them back to their former selves! Then the villain's right-hand-man turns up again after the heroes thought they'd killed him. But just as he's about to attack, the huge disembodied arm of the hench-villain that he'd previously backstabbed rises out of the ground and karmatically drags him down to... I dunno. Hell? Doesn't matter, he's been conveniently dealt with.

But the worst convenience has to be how they take down the Big Bad. All it took was a brief friendship speech. Heck, it wasn't even really a friendship speech — it was just this:

Big Bad: I don't understand why you still have hope even though you're losing the fight.
Nozomi: Well see, there's this thing called "friendship."
Big Bad: "Friendship?" That sounds nice. Okay, I'll stop being evil.

Easiest villain conversion ever. Most Dark Magical Girls in this franchise need 8 or 10 or even 15 episodes of gradual befriending from the heroines before they finally switch sides. All this villain needed was one half-assed friendship speech. She even sincerely apologizes to the mascots and gives them back the (now useless) Dream Collet! And seriously, how is "friendship" such a foreign concept to Desparaiah? Does she not have Google?

Worse still, the ending provokes some major Fridge Horror. Shortly after the friendship speech, the villains' world starts collapsing because Desparaiah's power is growing out of control. To fix this, Desparaiah asks the heroes to seal away her world, with her inside; the girls grant her request. First off, all of Desparaiah's minions appear to be dead, so she's going to be stuck alone in her world. Yeah, that whole epiphany about the value of friendship came at the least helpful time imaginable. And second, Desparaiah used the Dream Collet to gain eternal life, meaning she's going to be stuck alone in her world for eternity. Unless the collapse of her world somehow killed her, which would frankly be a mercy.

Yes Precure Five GoGo

Short verdict: Couldn't be arsed to watch it. Has it even been subbed yet?

Fresh Precure: Eps 46-50

Long verdict: Now this is what I call a season finale!

First off, is it just me, or are the fight scenes in this season like significantly better than the ones in previous seasons? I certainly enjoyed them a lot more, which is funny to me because I recall being terrifically bored by the earlier episodes of Fresh. I also prefer how they made the hench-villains more humanlike and gave them actual personalities and stuff instead of having them be ridiculous-looking scenery-chewing impossible-to-take-seriously weirdos. (Splash Star was particularly bad with the mood-killing buffoonish hench-villains.)

But the ending: I loved the reveal that the Big Bad was actually a computer designed by the Labyrinth citizens to govern them, and he turned out to be a little too good at his job. That reveal and the Labyrinth world as a whole and the big Moebius head on a spring are unusually and refreshingly sci-fi-ish for a Magical Girl series. It's like Precure took a left turn down A Wrinkle In Time boulevard. Also liked how Moebius's true form is apparently the Death Star. And when Berry and Passion got dropped into the garbage dump and wondered where they were, I was like "You're in the trash compacter!"

I like how this finale actually explains stuff, for e.g.: How did Westar and Soular survive the supposedly permanent deletion? Chiffon saved them during her brief spell of sanity while Tarte was broadcasting the music-box tune. How were the Cures able to level up to Angel Cures? The people of Labyrinth donated their power. None of this "broken bracelets reappearing for no good reason" hogwash.

And I had to laugh at the bit where the boys make a non-evil version of a Monster-of-the-Week using a feather from Peach's outfit, and it turns into this extremely cutesy giant worm-thing with angel wings. LOL.
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