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I'm not going to do that "skip to the ending" thing with Heartcatch or Suite because, well, I actually like those shows a lot, and they have way more plot and less filler than previous Precure seasons. So here's some commentary on the Cure Beat arc and other miscellany.

-The Fairy Tones are way less annoying than the average Precure mascot, and I loved that bit where Hummy realizes that she forgot that there's really 8 Fairy Tones instead of 7, and then this happens:

-Also loved Hummy's little Cure Muse puppet theatre, crewed by Fairy Tones.

-Cure Muse has by far the sexiest outfit in all of Precure history, which becomes extra awkward later when we find out that she's, what, 10 years old? Dammit Toei, stop putting the elementary schoolers in catsuits!

-But okay, I'm not watching this show for the cute mascots or the skintight leather — I'm watching it for the "homoerotic cat angst" as Quaedam put it when explaining her gorgeous fanart of said angsty gay cats.

If you watch a lot of Precure, you come to expect that an average season of Precure will contain lots of gay subtext, especially between the Dark Magical Girl(s) and the heroine, provided that a DMG is present in the story. Sure enough, Suite Precure adheres to this rule, except that the DMG and the heroine in question are both mascot characters. By which I mean...

..they're freaking cats. This show is making me ship a couple of cats. OH ANIME.

I especially loved how in episode 20, Hummy is literally the only person who believes in Seiren's alleged change of heart, and even the Fairy Tones are going behind Hummy's back and making their own plans because they think Hummy's totally deluding herself, and Hummy's like "They just don't know Seiren like I do!" and omg soooo gay you guys. And that look of fangirl-ecstasy on Hummy's face when Seiren started singing was pretty hilarious. And Seiren smacking Hummy in the face with her cat paw at the end of the episode was the SADDEST THING EVER.

But of course the CatYay reaches its peak in ep 21 when Hummy gives Seiren a friendship speech (and a friendship aria!) and then the villains try to torture/brainwash Hummy, and this all triggers Seiren's long-awaited transformation into Cure Beat! D'awww. I also liked how Cure Muse's inspirational speech failed to prevent Seiren from running away from the battle in confusion, because that was a lot more realistic than if Seiren had just joined in like "Whee this plot twist isn't shocking or upsetting to me at all!"

-I really appreciated how Seiren was realistically plagued with guilt about all the evil she'd committed while under the influence of the Noise brainwashing. Usually shows use the brainwashed-into-evil plot device as a get-out-of-angst-free card where everything is all fixed and lovely once the brainwashed person gets snapped out of it, so I liked seeing this series actually deal with the aftermath, sort of like how Fresh dealt with the realities of Setsuna changing allegiances.

-Seiren: I don't care what happens to me! But if you hurt Hummy, I'll never forgive you!

Yep, still shipping the cats.

-Despite this show having possibly the most hideous henshins in Magical Girl history, I do like some of the other stock footage, like the Belltier attacks and the duo's Super Quartet finisher. And dang, this season's attacks really went overboard with the explosions. I approve!

-Cure Beat can play a guitar riff on her cowlick. Okay, all you other Magical Girls can go home now, because nobody is ever going to top that.


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