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OMG the latest Homestuck updates!!! My eyes are just big hearts right now! :D

KARKAT AND DAVE ARE FRIENDS! Like, to the point where Karkat's all worried that Dave will dump him when they're reunited with John and Jade, and Dave gives him a reassuring speech about how they'll still be friends and how John and Jade will also want to be friends with Karkat, despite Karkat's insecurities. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE I CAN'T EVEN DEAL. <33333

I guess all that penis-doodling-slash-wrestling paid off.

As for the rest of the update, Hussie continues to be an enthusiastic ship-sinker. Looks like Dave/Terezi and Karkat<>Gamzee are kaput, and Karkat/Terezi is still in limbo-land. Lol Terezi. The purple nail polish was a nice touch. Speaking of, isn't this the first time we've seen a troll barefoot?

I also loved the reveal that Karkat knew about Gamzee/Terezi all this time, despite Dave and co's attempts to keep it secret. It makes sense — Karkat is Mr. Romance Nerd after all.

And in conclusion: SPEAKER CRAB. Karkat, why do you always insist on being so goddamn adorable? <3


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