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Let's talk about SHIPPING!

Homestuck, with its bisexual trolls and endless doppelgangers, is basically a multishipper's paradise, to the point where it can get kind of confusing. So after I made a flowchart of canon relationships in Homestuck, I made one for all my ships.


(Purple means vacillating between red and black.)

And that isn't even all of them. I also ship All The Ladies/All The Ladies, but most of those wouldn't fit on here.

So now that I've organized (?) them, it's time to gush about them all.

Vriska/Eridan: Yeah I only have one Vriska ship. I like Vriska as a villain, but she's too horrible for me to ship her with most of the characters. I like Kanaya, Terezi, Tavros, and the Johns too much to inflict Vriska on them. But Eridan/Vriska sounds like an awesome trainwreck. Serial killer OTP.

Feferi/Eridan: Haha I feel kind of bad for shipping this, because Eridan's a tool and Feferi was totally right to dump his ass. However they're kind of cute together. Glub glub shrug.

Sollux/Eridan: Delicious kismespades, with Eridan getting off on being dommed by a low-blood. Though I'm down with Eridan getting dommed by pretty much anybody, tbh.

Sollux/Feferi: Bawwwwww. I love that bit when he's like "If I didn't like you so much, I'd say you were an idiot for liking me." Also love how they genderflipped the traditional fairy tale kiss, by having the princess revive her dude with a kiss.

Aradia/Sollux: Dream bubble buddies! Death's adorable handmaid and her double-eyepatched partner in crime! These two hit all my BFF OTP buttons, and after all the awful shit they both went through, I'm glad they finally got to be happy together. And she hugged him before she robo-sploded! Awww. Also: "Can I grope you to see what you look like, would that be weird?" "Yes Sollux, that would probably be pretty weird." Loooool.

Dave/Sollux: They only met very briefly, but I still think they'd make a great pair. Coolkid duo ftw.

Dave/Aradia: Timebros with matching outfits! It was a different Dave, but I liked the bit where Aradia visits a doomed Dave in his bubble, and he's like "So you're a fairy now, that's cool."

Terezi/Aradia: One ladyship that did fit on here. I ship it because it seems like they were pretty friendly back in their FLARPing days, and because Terezi got revenge on Vriska for Aradia's death, and because of Terezi finding Aradia's death-fangirling to be adorable.

Aradia/Equius: Lol TRAINWRECK. I love how she flipped out at Equius for programming her robo-heart to love him and ripped it out of her chest and smashed it to a bloody pulp and yelled at him, and then she kissed him anyway! Yeah, their relationship is several varieties of fucked up, but that's why I like it.

Equius/Nepeta: Them trying to RP as each other was the funniest shit ever. Equius is kind of bossy and overbearing, but they're just so damn cute together that I can't bring myself to mind.

Gamzee/Equius: LOLOLOLOL. This is purely because of that chatlog where Equius asks Gamzee to verbally dominate him, and Equius gets off on it despite Gamzee being completely incompetent at it.

Terezi/Gamzee: When I first found out this was canon, I was like "whaaaaaaat" but then it grew on me. There's some pretty hot fanart out there, what can I say.

Karkat/Gamzee: Well it was canon. :( I love how Gamzee comforted Karkat when Sollux died on the meteor, and also that bit where he starts honking and Karkat's like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'HONK'??!?" and freaks out, and Gamzee's like "Dude I was just trying to get you to calm down, bro. :|"

Karkat/Nepeta: Bawwww Nepeta in "Equius: Seek the highblood" thinking that she'll try confessing to Karkat once all the murdering subsides bawwww Jaspers telling Nepeta that maybe she'll get to be with Karkat after she dies bawwww Dream Nepeta and God-Tier Karkat being together in a bubble ;___;


Karkat/Meenah: Lol statutory. Okay it's not that bad — when they met, Meenah was 19 and Karkat was 14 or 15. >.> Anyway, I love Meenah's loud enthusiastic crush on Karkat, and I think they'd be adorabloodthirsty together.

Karkat/Terezi: MY SLASHER MOVIE SURVIVOR BABIES. T__T Major BFF OTP vibes here. I can't even deal with how cute these two are. Though at this point, I don't even care about them hooking up, I just want them to be friends again. *wibble*

Dave/Terezi: A relationship revolving around shitty cartooning, Can Town maintenance, and snark. Seriously these two were basically made for each other and I love reading all their chatlogs.

Dave/Karkat: YESSS. At first I shipped them in a kismesis hatesexy way (lol penis ouija), and now I ship them as a mixture of that and BFF OTP. Regardless, this is probably my favorite m/m pairing in the whole fandom. They are so adorable and snarky and mouthy together.

Terezi/Karkat/Dave: Favorite OT3. I put Terezi's name first for a reason. :D

John/Dave: Another BFF OTP. They're just such adorable bros. Bonus ship: Kiwi Dave/Doomed John, because it looked like they were hanging out when Lord English showed up to burninate everyone.

John/Karkat: Oh god, so adorable and belligerent. Their chatlogs are freaking comedy gold, and their contrasting personalities make for a really nice chemistry. Just... there's a good reason why this ship is so popular: BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME.

John/Dave/Karkat: I read a fic. It was boss.

Karkat/Sollux: BFF OTP again, but more argumentative. Like a cranky version of John/Dave. Also, Karkat completely loses it whenever Sollux dies, so me shipping it was guaranteed. Also loved that bit where Karkat accidentally knocks Sollux's fangs out and tries to shove them back into place, all while giggling nervously to himself.

Jade/Karkat: Lolol she would dom him so hard and he would love the shit out of it. I love how awkward his chatlogs with her are, on so many levels, and how he goes from hating her to liking her to realizing that he's going to have to humble himself a lot in order to get back on her good side, and then they're all talking about Jadesprite and the frog breeding and talking about their feelings, and he awkwardly tries to confess his crush to her but being Karkat, he gets thwarted. And she gives him that hilarious "hatemarry" password that he completely messes up, but then two years later he uses it as his bubble password because it reminds him of her. <3_<3

John/Karkat/Jade: Karkat sandwich. The overbite twins's sunny personalities would make a good antidote to Karkat's pessimism and self-hatred.

Dave/Jade: LOL @ Karkat and Dave having similar taste in girls. Anyway, I loved seeing these two collect frogs together and decorate for Christmas and fight Bec Noir together. And then Dave getting himself killed and Jade freaking out and corpse-smooching him while Karkat talked her through it, and wow, awkward. Talk about a bizarre love triangle.

Davesprite/Jade: Might be my favorite het Homestuck ship. SO MANY FEELINGS. I CAN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT IT YOU GUYS I JUST ASDFJSDFHJGDK T_________T

John/Davesprite: JOHN WANTS TO TOUCH THE GHOST BUTT. :D :D :D Also bawwww Davesprite had to watch John die in an alt timeline and basically sacrificed his lifespan, his body, and his status as a main character all to save John. ;__;

John/Davesprite/Jade: Ship buddies. Hey, with three whole years together and nothing else to do, you're bound to get bored/horny/lonely.

John/Tavros: For the longest time, I had no Tavros ships. The guy just doesn't interest me much. But then I wound up shipping him and John as kismespades, even though they're the two characters voted least capable of having blackrom feelings for anybody because they're too damn nice! I make great life decisions. Whatever, they were totally groping each other.

John/Rose: These two were especially cute during the "Seer: Descend" flash, when Rose is trying to communicate with John and getting really frustrated, but John's just being his usual pollyanna self and is like "You're being really weird, but that's okay because you're my friend and I don't mind you talking in Cthulhu-speak," and then he's all adorkably bringing up Karkat's shipping grid and the idea of them getting married some day, and then when he gets killed by Jack, Rose BLOWS UP A CASTLE WITH HER RAGE. (That said, I hope it never becomes canon, because lesbians.)

Rose/Dave: >.> Yeah, it's just... so much innuendo. SO MUCH. And they weren't raised as siblings, so its relatively low on the incest gross-o-meter. And like, there was that bit where Rose tells Dave that the girl he was ogling was actually his mom, and then she starts winking at him (wonking? :D), and he gets all flustered and afdskjsfafsdjkfj why can't I stop shipping thissss.



Ladyships that wouldn't fit on the chart:
Jade/Kanaya: Space buddies! Frog breeding pals!
Rose/Terezi: Seer buddies! Snark! Trolling Dave together! And Terezi would probably love to get a taste of Rose's god-tier duds.
Rose/Jade: Ladyfriends! Jade defending Rose to Eridan and being offended that he assumed that she had a rivalry with Rose! Jade trying to comfort Rose about her mom's death and Rose being like "You're doing okay, for someone who was raised by a dog."
Jade/Feferi: Witches! Tangle buddies! Feferi hung out in Jade's bubble so she could help Jade feel less freaked out by the squid-monsters! And she was riding a seahorse with a red diamond on it! And she took a break from her typing quirks because Jade asked her to!
Rose/Feferi: Common interest in horrifying squid-monsters. Match made in deathbubble hell.
Roxy/Fefetasprite: I wish we could have seen more of these two (three?) together. They were totally adorable.
Rose/Nepeta: Cat lovers unite! And I think it's adorable that Nepeta asked Rose (apparently several times) if she could talk to Jaspersprite, because he reminded her of Pounce.
Jade/Nepeta: Mostly because of that bit in Alterniabound where Nepeta reveals that Jade is her favorite human and she's been trying to make friends, but Jade won't take her seriously.
Terezi/Nepeta: A romance fueled by ridiculous RPing.
Nepeta/Feferi: Pirate buddies! And they seemed pretty okay with sharing a body, so I bet they get along great.
Jane/Roxy: I'm kind of meh about the B2 kids, but these two have a pretty cute womance going on.

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Have not read Homestuck (it looks like an entire week's worth of time to mainline now? and sleeping at least once every 48 hours is a mustt) but fifty different ships with fifty different reasons impresses me so much.


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