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After doing some Tumblr-surfing, mostly looking for femslash art because what the fuck else would I be doing on Tumblr:

-I'm seeing some people being all "Omg how can you still ship Terezi/Gamzee after the latest updates revealed it to be dysfunctional and toxic! You must be a really terrible person!" It takes me back to those halcyon days in BSG fandom when people would get all pearl-clutchy at the fact that some fans shipped Kara/Leoben. Would this be an appropriate time to do a Fallout parody?

"Fandom... fandom never changes..."

Seriously people, if you can't wrap your head around the concept of shipping a dysfunctional/abusive fictional relationship because it's a glorious twisted trainwreck, then you don't belong in fandom. And you certainly don't belong in Homestuck fandom, where those kind of ships are common and frequently canon.

-There's also been some debate about whether Terezi/Gamzee is in fact a dysfunctional/abusive relationship, or whether it's totally normal in context. I think it's pretty clearly the first one. The big obvious clue is that Terezi wants to break up with him. She wants out. I realize that trolls are weird and blackrom is weird and we don't know a whole lot about it, but I'm pretty sure that wanting (and repeatedly trying) to dump your kismesis is not how it's supposed to go. Kismeses are supposed to hate each other, but I don't think they're supposed to hate their relationship. Surely a healthy kismesissitude would result in both parties gaining satisfaction, enjoyment, and fulfillment from their hatemance. They'd want the relationship to continue, not be desperate to escape it. Also, my understanding is that blackrom is supposed to be an equal rivalry, with both parties being evenly matched, and Ter/Gam is obviously not that. Gamzee clearly holds all the power in the relationship — he was able to undermine Terezi's self-esteem while remaining totally confident in himself, to the point where she's comparing him to an addictive drug and bursting into tears at the thought of him dumping her. Again: pretty sure this isn't how spade-dating is supposed to work. And finally, there's Karkat, the resident romance nerd. Surely if Ter/Gam was a totally normal and healthy kismesissitude, he wouldn't be so horrified by Terezi's sad state and wouldn't be kicking himself for failing to cockblock them. If Karkat thinks their relationship is fucked up, that's probably because it is fucked up.

-Prior to the latest updates, there was some speculation that the Terezi/Gamzee relationship happened because of magical mind-control, specifically that Gamzee had used his chucklevoodoos on Terezi. I was very relieved when this turned out not to be the case, because characters having agency and making bad decisions of their own free will and their friends having to deal with that fact is much more interesting than the old "easily fixed brain-washing" chestnut.

-There was also one detail from the update that had a lot of people freaking out and me just confused: Karkat said he should have auspisticed for Rose and Kanaya, implying that those two are in a blackrom. However, his reason for regretting this was that he wanted to free up Kanaya to auspistice for Terezi and Gamzee. But even if Kanaya was spades for Rose, wouldn't that still leave her ashen quadrant free? Why would Karkat's auspisticing have changed anything? Karkat, your babbling makes no sense.

Or maybe... maaaaaybe Karkat meant that he was having spade vibes with Rose. And Kanaya was mediating between them, meaning that she was unavailable to do the same for Ter/Gam. And Karkat was wishing that he'd allowed her mediating to succeed in a timely fashion, thus freeing her up to mediate elsewhere?

But no, Karkat's phrasing really makes it sound like he wanted to mediate between Kanaya and Rose. Maybe he meant that Kanaya was so wrapped up in her whatever-it-is with Rose that she wasn't interested in filling any of her other quadrants. Maybe she took Rose's "I want you to teach me all the quadrants" speech to heart and now they're doing some kind of pan-quadrant thing.
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