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Guys, I think I'm actually starting to ship Vriska/Hussie. :F

Okay but seriously, some commentary on the latest escapades of the pir8 crew.

-The first question is, of course, why is Sollux so adamantly opposed to being healed by Aranea? The obvious answer is that when he lost his sight, he also lost his ability to hear the voiced of the soon-to-be-dead, which was a huge relief to him. If he got that power back now, what with all the ghost-massacres happening, he'd never have a moment's peace. The other answer I thought of was that maybe Sollux distrusts Aranea, since she's Vriska's dancestor and shares her flexible morality.

Personally, I'm glad that Sollux is staying blind because I love those bicolor eyepatches. :3

-Aww I'm kind of sad that John's first chat with Aradia turned out so badly. It started out so cute! However I really liked their conversation. I like that John was still having major reservations about the ethics of Vriska's plan but couldn't work up the nerve to say anything because a) telling your friends that they're being assholes is really difficult and b) he believes that Vriska is a jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold and doesn't want to be proven horribly wrong about that. And I think Aradia's attitude, while disturbing, makes total sense. She's spent so much time being dead and hanging out with her hundreds of doomed selves and watching them die that it makes sense she'd be totally desensitized to death. Remember how stoked she was about the corpse party? Death just isn't scary or intimidating to her anymore.

-JOHN: are you a good guy or a bad guy?

D'awww John, that naively simplistic kind of thinking is part of what makes you so adorable.

-ARADIA: i think i mostly want to see what happens when this whole place breaks apart

Two things:

Thing 1: When I read this update, I started having "all the fictional women you hate" pangs. I had the sneaking feeling that a bunch of people in fandom were, at that very moment, bashing Aradia for, y'know, acting in-character. So with trepidation, I went to the "upd8" tag on Tumblr and found that about half the posts were going "OMG SCARY PLOT TWIST" and the other half were like "THIS IS WHY ARADIA'S MY FAVORITE CHARACTER YOU GUYS." And... hardly any bashing? Well done, Homestuck fandom. You may continue this interesting trend of subverting my expectations.

Thing 2: Somebody on Tumblr theorized that Aradia's "wanna watch the world burn" line was partly directed at Vriska, and that Aradia privately thinks Vriska's plan is going to end in a total trainwreck so she wants to be there to see it go down in flames and enjoy the downfall of her old nemesis. I like this theory a lot, although I kind of doubt it's true.

-Also: why

Lololol oh Hussie. WHY INDEED. Sorry John, I won't force you to go back over there with spooky death fangirl and rehash your fleet-footed escape. (Instead I'll just refresh the page, ha ha!)


-Aww Kankri looks so cute in his Seer of Blood outfit.

-VRISKA: You had the ring, and you and John were fighting over it 8ehind your 8acks like a couple of idiots for a while.
VRISKA: What, you think I didn't notice?!

Haaaaaahahahahaha oh god, sometimes I love Vriska.

-Yaaaay Tavros told off Vriska! And he dumped her! And did a dorky little callback to when she paralyzed him! I want to say that I SO CALLED IT, except I didn't actually call it in public so now I look like a tool. But the point is, before this update came out, I was noticing that canon relationships in Homestuck have a rather short lifespan; the parties involved tend to either break up or die. The only remaining exceptions are Terezi/Gamzee (which is pretty close to dead), Vriska/Tavros, and Rose/Kanaya, leading me to suspect that those ships were also cruising towards an imminent breakup. Sure enough, Vriska/Tavros is toast.


Aww Vriska, do I detect you worrying about Tavros dying?

-Aradia and Sollux's parting words were really sweet. I love how he explained why he was leaving her and apologized for doing so, even though he didn't have to do either of those things, and I love how she didn't trying to change his mind but instead accepted and respected his choice. I just hope that neither of them perma-dies before they get to see each other again. :(

-SOLLUX: they b0th gave me meaningful glances!
SOLLUX: instead 0f underestimating the perspicacity 0f the sens0ry impaired, why d0n't y0u bite me.

Oh god, I love the shit out of this scene. And then Feferi and Nepeta are all wonking at him and then they carry him up into the skies. Sollux is the Sokka of Homestuck — he gets all the ladies.

Though I'm kind of bummed that Meenah and Feferi didn't get to hang out.

-I also love how Meenah gets all pissed off that Vriska's so ignorant about navy ranks. Such a nautical nerd.

-Awwwwwww that convo between John and Vriska was just.... :( I don't even ship them and I applaud John for having the guts to deny Vriska the ring, but I still felt bad for both of them.

It's hard telling your sociopathic sort-of-girlfriend that you don't want her to come back to life. It's hard and no one understands.

-Oh god Aradia wtf is up with your face D:

-As for Vriska's big speech... man, I really don't know what to make of it. More specifically, I don't know how much of it to believe. Like, I can buy that Vriska thinks what she's doing is for the greater good. I can even buy that she wants to be heroic and save the world and help people for a change. I'm just not sure if I should buy it. At any rate, Vriska is continuing to excel in the role Hussie envisioned for her: stirring up arguments both in-universe and out.

Great art, though.

-ARADIA: however you must realize that it is only by the grace of the horrorterrors that so many have been allowed to continue existing for so long
ARADIA: they have persisted for ages beyond their time just as he has

VRISKA: They were already a million sweeps past their prime, existing on 8orrowed time, luxuri8ting in a kind of 8izarre metaphysical longevity few others will ever enjoy.
VRISKA: Just a fresh 8atch of 88 the squid gods kept on ice for an ins8tia8le fisherman cause they were sick of 8eing hunted themselves.

These bits really intrigued me because both girls seem to be implying that Deathbubble Hell is not a natural afterlife. Like, becoming a ghost in a bubble is not a normal part of the life cycle but instead was crowbarred in there by the Horrorterrors, and only for a select few. (Is it confirmed that only Sburb players can become ghosts?) Vriska's even insinuating that the Horrorterrors set up the bubbles specifically to draw Lord English's fire away from them; I wonder if that's accurate or if it's just Vriska assuming that everyone thinks the same way she does.

It also makes me wonder if maybe Aradia considers ghost-hood to be a worse fate than oblivion. Maybe she's cheerful while watching the ghost massacres because she feels Vriska's doing them a favor. I mean, Aradia spent a long time as a ghost and it made her pretty miserable, and most of the Beforan ghosts seemed significantly worse off after spending an eternity in limbo as teenagers. Maybe Aradia and Vriska feel that this afterlife isn't one that's worth having.

-I strongly suspected that Rose/Kanaya was heading for a breakup, but the recent updates have mercifully proven me wrong (for now).

-Drunk Rose manages to be hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. I love how she still manages to be long-winded and philosophical even when plastered. And awww her latest bender was because she was nervous about meeting Roxy. *wibble*

-KANAYA: You Have Assured Me That Chronic And Habitual Exploitation Of This Substance Is "Not A Problem" For Your People But At This Point I Must Conclude That You Were Just Lying!

Aww Rose, taking advantage of Kanaya's ignorance about human culture = not cool!

-KANAYA: What Ever Happened To Your Concern For Terezi And Gamzee

WHAT INDEED. I hope we get to hear more deets about that.

-ROSE: Your name is so lovely, why can't I shay it!


-ROSE: THE BUBBLES VON SALAMANCER MEMOIRIAL LIBRARAY!!! probably one of the greatest lines in this whole strip.

-MEENAH: pst blue guy
JOHN: me?
MEENAH: no the other weenie in blue pjs

Ugh I love Meenah. Have I mentioned that I love Meenah? I FEEL LIKE I DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS ENOUGH. BECAUSE MEENAH IS AWESOME. And I love how even when discovering the power of frieeeeendship and having her heart grow three sizes that day, Meenah is still delightfully horrible. I mean, she's proud of Aranea for getting in touch with her evil side. So awful and adorable. Sorry, adorabubble.

-MEENAH: why do you have to be so lame and chumpy and such an obvious mark
MEENAH: your dork ass face just screams waaaah gimme a fuckin wedgie and take my ring!


Also I'm now kind of shipping Meenah/John!? Well she did compare him to Moby Dick and herself to Ahab, and those two had a total hatemance going on.


-I know Hussie was trying to troll us by cutting away to Casey's adventures, but I was honestly quite happy to see that adorable little muffin again. Cutest necromancer ever.

-Fanwank explanation for Casey still being a kid: the Scratch put the game on pause, so none of the Consorts aged or died.

-Normally it annoys me when Hussie indulges in his 4th-wall-breaking tangents, but this bit with Vriska raging at his stalling attempts and insisting on revealing the treasure without delay? I like this. Actually I think it's one of my favorite Vriska moments thus far.

-So... it's a Sburb logo. Or possibly a cursor. Speculators, start your engines: what does it do, what did Lord English use it for that one time, and why did it burn out after only one usage?

-John's face is my favorite thing. <3


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