Date: 2013-04-20 11:34 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bunnybelle3
Really interesting analysis ^^ are you going to continue doing comparisons for the rest of the show? They go in completely different directions, so I was just curious.

I was always a little disappointed in Yuu stumbling into the music biz without much gratefulness. I know that Creamy Mami even went in the idol direction is because they wanted to promote Takako Ohta, an upcoming idol singer. Perhaps Yuu's indifference to idol singing is something Takako Ohta felt in her own childhood and Studio Pierrot based that on Yuu's character?
Aside from the idol singing, Creamy Mami is much like the other magical girls before her, in that if someone has a problem, Creamy Mami/Yuu will use magic to solve it.

I think what ultimately sets Creamy Mami and Full Moon apart. Creamy Mami can use magic to help others as well, but (please correct me if I'm wrong. I'll admit that I have not seen Full Moon the whole way through) I think Mitsuki's magic only makes her older, and that's it, and the show is based around character development. Arina Tanemura's even said that she did not intend Full Moon to be a magical girl story (Of course that's up to debate, since I think its okay if the art is interpreted by viewers differently than the artist)

But anyway. Those are just some things I wanted to discuss while reading your wonderful analysis. (I'm such a fan of old magical girls, I'm really happy if I can get a chance to discuss it with people who've seen them >///<) Keep up the good work!
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