A point about "sexism"

Date: 2016-05-06 04:45 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
There is only one male character who is plot relevant in PMMM, namely Sayaka's love interest. For ease of writing Kyubey can be understood to be male through his pronouns, but can logically be considered neither male nor female, lacking genitalia, presentation, and, to some degree corporeal consistency. It is, in fact, likely that the Incubators have no gender, at least not one intuitively understood by humans. If we then, ungendering Kyubey, apply the Reverse Bechtel test, we are incapable of passing the test, at least meaningfully (a small line about camping between a father and son is hardly important), having only one male character and one agendered character. Drawing the conclusion that the presented world demonises or victimises females for there wishes is inherently logically incorrect, because we don't have any cultural context for males whatsoever. If all of the characters' genders were swapped, you would have essentially the same narrative, albeit lacking some of the less appealing lines about emotional strength of pubescent girls. We have no cultural benchmark other than our own imaginings as to how a male would have been portrayed in those situations. In this way, the characters almost lack a gender, or gendering, because there are no male characters except very few who act consistently to how the females act. In this way I suspect the feminine people watching were subjected to the interesting feeling of gender turnabout, where all female characters are the players and all male characters are set pieces, while masculine people watching were surprised to see a philosophical story presented entirely through female characters. While I think this is valuable, it never directly addresses the issue of gender, I think purposefully so. It's a story that never explicitly states that males and females are different (again excluding those ill-considered handfuls of words) purposefully because that's not the fucking point it's trying to make. The Steins;Gate story, by contrast, has a massively gendered cast but essentially the same message and redemption story. In some ways I think Steins;Gate did WORSE in regard to gender, specifically because it has a transition story that has to be UNDONE for humans to survive. It has a maiden in distress and she gets saved by her "prince" etc.

Point being: the only reason the Mahou Shoujo in PMMM are female is to explore the cost of power in the guise of a contrasting medium. And, if it were in a shonen battle anime's wrapper, it wouldn't be nearly as worthwhile because REPRESENTATION MATTERS.
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