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Some more Hamsteak ponderings:

-Why don't the Carapacians understand how Quest Beds work? We've seen this a couple times: future!WV watched John die on his Bed and assumed he was dead for good, Jack killed John on his Bed without realizing he was giving his enemy a huge power boost, and later he laid Jade to rest on her Bed without realizing that it would resurrect her. My guess is that the game keeps the Agents in the dark about Quest Beds in order to keep things fairer. It prevents the Dersites from sabotaging or booby-trapping the Beds, and also prevents the Prospitians from guarding them. There was one Agent who did know about the Beds — Snowman, who urged Vriska to mind-control Tavros into killing her in order to speed up the process. However she knows more because she's a queen, or maybe she found out about the Beds after getting exiled, or maybe Scratch told her.

-During the 3-year voyage, we see some imps watching a movie with John, Jade, and friends. Why aren't the imps hostile anymore? Theory 1: Because the King and Queen are dead, and Jack has permanently ditched town, so there's nobody to lead the enemy forces anymore. Theory 2: Because the game was paused by the Scratch, as evidenced by the Denizens going back to sleep.

-In the Fruity Rumpus Asshole Factory, Karkat mentions that Vriska and Terezi have killed both Dave and John once apiece. How did he know about that? We know that Terezi killed Wise Guy John and Kiwi Dave, and Vriska killed Alpha John (on his Quest Bed) and Red Plush Dave (via DD). Terezi probably told Karkat about Wise Guy John (since it proved the immutability of the timeline) and he might have also seen or heard about her screwing over Kiwi Dave. (He also watched Kiwi Dave's death, but that was after the FRAF chat.) As for Vriska's kills, the only explanation I can think of is that she bragged about them to Karkat. However, she can't have told him many details about Red Plush Dave's death, because otherwise Karkat would've found out that Vriska created Bec and Bec Noir, and he would've completely flipped his lid.

-How many of the trolls knew about Aradia's death prior to playing Sgrub, and why did she keep it a secret from the rest? Vriska, Terezi, Sollux, and Equius knew about it, but Nepeta didn't, and Karkat's dialogue implied that he didn't either. I guess Aradia could've just not bothered to mention it to those in the dark, especially since she lives far away from them, but it seems odd that the news didn't spread through the Trollian gossip grapevine.

-Jade and Jake both grew up alone on a jungle island, with their sole human companion dying early on and only animals for company afterward, so why is Jake so much more socially inept than Jade? The other day I had an epiphany about this puzzler: Because Jade spend a huge chunk of her childhood on Prospit. Her dreamself woke up very early so she had plenty of time to make friends with all the chess people. Granted they're a little odd, but it's better than nothing. On the flip side, Jake's dreamself was killed before he ever woke up, so he just had the wild beasties for company.

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Fandom Wank has discovered what might be the greatest wank ever. As the write-up put it, this wank combines elements of His Wife A Horse, the Snapewives, and My Ponies Hate You.

In summary: In MLP fandom, Brony A politely requests that Brony B stop drawing furry porn of Twilight Sparkle because Brony B is engaged to marry her on the astral plane. Did I mention that Brony A has a Twilight plushie that he considers to be the physical manifestation of Twilight? And that he carries the plushie around town with him and takes it out to restaurants with him? And there's a whole group of MLP fanboys who have similar astral plushie relationships and some of them do... things to their plushies?

Common sense dictates that this all has to be the work of a troll, but common internet sense states that this sort of batshit is nothing new on the web, and this saga's level of detail makes trolling unlikely. Either way, all I can do is laugh my butt off and bask in the glow of this wank's glorious splendor.
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Ugh, I really need to stop this "write a post every single time Homestuck updates" nonsense. Maybe when Hussie stops focusing on ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS AT ONCE.

I want to drunkenly flop my arm around this update and cry into its shoulder, à la like half the freaking cast at this point )

Edit: Ahahahaha oh god, I can't unsee it — that chop-chop gesture Karkat's making combined with his facial expression reminds me of that thing John was doing when he was trying to figure out how Jade and Davesprite get their mack on. These dorks, I swear.
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After doing some Tumblr-surfing, mostly looking for femslash art because what the fuck else would I be doing on Tumblr:

-I'm seeing some people being all "Omg how can you still ship spoiler ) after the latest updates revealed it to be dysfunctional and toxic! You must be a really terrible person!" It takes me back to those halcyon days in BSG fandom when people would get all pearl-clutchy at the fact that some fans shipped Kara/Leoben. Would this be an appropriate time to do a Fallout parody?

"Fandom... fandom never changes..."

Seriously people, if you can't wrap your head around the concept of shipping a dysfunctional/abusive fictional relationship because it's a glorious twisted trainwreck, then you don't belong in fandom. And you certainly don't belong in Homestuck fandom, where those kind of ships are common and frequently canon.

-There's also been some debate about whether spoiler ) is in fact a dysfunctional/abusive relationship, or whether it's totally normal in context. I think it's pretty clearly the first one. Elaboration )

-Prior to the latest updates, there was some speculation that spoiler ) happened because of magical mind-control, specifically that spoiler ) I was very relieved when this turned out not to be the case, because characters having agency and making bad decisions of their own free will and their friends having to deal with that fact is much more interesting than the old "easily fixed brain-washing" chestnut.

-There was also one detail from the update that had a lot of people freaking out and me just confused: spoiler )
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asdfjdhjfhdhjkdhdf spoilers )

Also: Karkat tantrum bingo

Also also: WHY DON'T I HAVE ANY HOMESTUCK ICONS YET????? *smacks self*
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First of all, I'm still over the moon that spoiler )

Second, I was irl laughing out loud at the second page because: spoilolz )
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Somebody on Tumblr pointed out that since Aranea's the one expositing, Hussie's been giving us updates in batches of 8 pages at a time. :O

Somebody else on Tumblr made this observation: spoilers )
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Let's talk about SHIPPING!

Homestuck, with its bisexual trolls and endless doppelgangers, is basically a multishipper's paradise, to the point where it can get kind of confusing. So after I made a flowchart of canon relationships in Homestuck, I made one for all my ships.


(Purple means vacillating between red and black.)

And that isn't even all of them. I also ship All The Ladies/All The Ladies, but most of those wouldn't fit on here.

So now that I've organized (?) them, it's time to gush about them all.

Starting in the upper right )
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Some more Homestuck ponderings, in list form:

1. Why did Kanaya and Equius pick that particular moment to replace Tavros's legs? Why did they wait until after they'd finished the game and were stuck on the meteor thinking they were going to die soon anyway? Not that the robo-legs would have helped him in-game much, since Vriska's rocket-car and his animal-communing powers already took care of his transportation and combat needs respectively. My only theory is that Kanaya was sick of Karkat being sleep-deprived and cranky all the time, and she figured a nice bloody chain-sawing would terrify him into unconsciousness for a while.

2. Why didn't Kanaya kill *SPOILER* when she had the chance? 3x combo showdown )

3. How did the carpenter bots know what kind of house to build Karkat? Karkat's heritage )

4. Lately I've been spending a lot of time playing through the three Meenah-bound games from Act 6, Intermission 3. Like most people (I assume), I totally tuned out Kankri's endless word-vomit the first time around, but on a replay, it occurred to me that there was some pretty interesting world-building stuff buried under all that pompous bullshit, so I did my best to unearth it. Granted, I don't know how much of this stuff is canon and how much is just Hussie doing his keymash thing. But whatever, imma just roll with it.

Sexuality, lifespan, and the caste system )

5. Somebody on TV Tropes made an astute observation about why the trolls' storyline abruptly turned into a slasher flick: No more slime )
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Haha I must be really slow on the uptake, but I just realized another reason why Vriska's recent actions are especially horrible, even by normal Vriska standards: spoilers )
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I'm all caught up on Homestuck. Now I'm spending my days obsessively refreshing the MSPA homepage in hopes of new updates, and whenever an update materializes, I immediately go off and obsessively search for fanart of it.


Speaking of updates (or upd8s as Tumblr calls them), have some commentary:

yo ho yo ho a pir8te ghost troll's life for me )
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Homestuck-related think piece for the day: At what point did the other trolls find out about Karkat's blood color?

On the meteor, Equius mentions something about Karkat having freakish blood, implying that it's common knowledge by that point, which makes sense because it'd be pretty hard to buy Karkat making it through a 600-hour campaign without sustaining a single flesh wound. Honestly, I'm surprised the trolls didn't find out much sooner — there was that scene early in the campaign where Sollux gets Glubbed to death and Karkat bursts into tears. Tears that are pretty obviously red. However, the only people who could see him at that moment were Jack (who already knew and didn't care), Terezi (his server, who already knew), and Gamzee, who was a) stoned as usual and b) distracted by Eridan pestering him. So it's possible that Gamzee just didn't notice Karkat's red tears. Or maybe it's a plot hole.

I'm also wondering how many of the other trolls already knew about Karkat's blood color before it was officially revealed, besides Terezi. Sollux and Aradia are both psychics, and Aradia's in contact with her numerous doomed robo-selves, some of whom witnessed Karkat get stabbed to death in alternate timelines, so it seems likely that Aradia knew about it well in advance.

Speaking of Sollux's first death, I'm also curious about what exactly caused the Vast Glub. Obviously it was tied in with the Curse Virus and the lusii all dying, but I have to wonder what could have possibly been so powerful that it killed off Feferi's city-sized monstrosity of a lusus.
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OMG the latest Homestuck updates!!! My eyes are just big hearts right now! :D

BFF-shipping ahoy )
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Welp, I read all of Act 5 and watched Cascade. And then I read all the Act 6 Intermissions so that I could see what everyone was up to Post-Scratch. I'm feeling kind of dazed after pumping all that information into my brain.

And lol, I just friended a bunch of people on an anime/manga friending meme, and the first thing I post about is Homestuck, wark wark. I plan these things out so well.

I'm really glad I went into Act 5 Part 2 spoiled for all the deaths because Christ, this series is almost as trigger-happy as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! I counted and from 4900-5800, a nine hundred page span, Hussie killed 17 characters! And two of those were the same person, and two more were alt versions of the same person. Okay, so 6 of those 17 people got revived, but that's still a pretty hefty casualty count. For a while there, the trolls' subplot had turned into an honest-to-god slasher movie!

My brain's a little too fuzzy to write much in the way of commentary (especially since Homestuck is complicated and deceptively lengthy that I don't even know where to start) but I have one observation regarding how Jack Noir was able to enter the trolls' game session: spoilers )
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I'm well into the Hivebent arc and enjoying it immensely, but I'm particularly amused by this conversation:

CA: wwhatEVVER you are so the vvillage twwo wwheel devvice wwhen it comes to auspisticing
GA: Can You Just For A Moment Entertain The Thoughts Of One Untouched By Megalomaniacal Derangement And Tell Me Why Id Want To Assist You With That

I love Kanaya's super serious and precise way of speaking. Also it's weird seeing these two having a relatively pedestrian conversation together, considering the spoilery stuff that happens between them later on. *attempted vagueness*

Edit: Whoops, should have finished reading to the end of the conversation before I posted because:

CA: wwhat did she say
CA: or glub or wwhatevver
GA: Something About Longing To Touch You Indiscretely
GA: And That Shes Basically In The Scarlet Throes For You
GA: As Deep In The Flushed Quadrant As One Can Be

Again, knowing what I know about future events, THIS IS TERRIFYING. Kanaya what are you doingggggg
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DAVE: we have one of those???

Okay clearly I've been jumping around in the Homestuck canon and have completely abandoned any attempts to stay spoiler-free. But I don't care, because this conversation is one of the greatest things ever to exist. I just OHGOD sadfjkfdsj the more I read, the harder I ship these two blockheads, partly because they're gloriously terrible for each other and partly because they're the two members of the cast who are completely incapable of shutting their pieholes, with consistently hilarious results. Add to that Dave's tendency towards Freudian imagery and you end up with:

DAVE: this book is now like
DAVE: our fight fueled ouija board of cock

DAVE: thats the spooky thing about penis ouija you can never be sure who did the dicks

DAVE: what are you talking about
DAVE: shut up and draw another penis

I mean, whenever two guys are fighting over the same girl, there's always going to be some level of homoeroticism flying around, but there usually isn't, y'know, THIS MUCH. To the point where Kanaya starts having auspistice pangs because she understandably concludes that the boys are rapidly heading towards a disastrous hatefucking session.

Dedication to D/T/K ship = CEMENTED.
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Homestuck has officially eaten my brain, and unlike with poor neglected JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, this time there's a freaking massive fandom available to fuel my new obsession.

While surfing for fanart and fanfic porn, let's not kid ourselves, it's almost all porn up in my "Fic" bookmarks folder, but anyway I was struck by how ship-happy this fandom is. They seem enthusiastically dedicated to shipping Everyone/Everyone, to the point where I wondered if there are even any shipwars in this fandom. I knew that some ships were controversial (John/Vriska, Kanaya/any male character, the incest ships, etc), but I'd yet to see evidence of any traditional ship-vs-ship death-matches.

TV Tropes confirmed what I suspected: Homestuck fandom is similar to Naruto fandom in that the sheer volume of characters and viable pairings ensure that any given shipwar will have difficulty building up size, influence, and venomosity simply because the majority of the fandom have their balls in completely unrelated courts. When only a fourth or a fifth of the fans give any degree of crap about your shipwar, it's not going to make much of an impact. Compare this to a fandom like Avatar, which was utterly dominated by a single shipwar through the show's entire three-season run; it was rare to find someone who hadn't picked a side, and the two factions had such drastically different interpretations of the main characters' personalities, the core themes of the show, and even basic plot elements that it made it nigh impossible for the two groups to have a civil conversation, even if said conversation was about something totally unrelated to shipping!

However even big sprawling canons still produce a few bitter shipping rivalries, even if they're small and contained, and according to TV Tropes, the one in Homestuck fandom that refuses to die down is Dave/Terezi vs. Karkat/Terezi. Which is completely hilarious to me because one of the first Homestuck fics I ever read was this glorious gem of a chatlog fic in which Terezi, Dave, and Karkat discuss their mutual desire to boink each other and try to decide what type of relationship each side of the triad should be having, and eventually they conclude that a threesome is the best solution. And bing, suddenly I have a new OT3. As a result, I cannot begin to take the D/T vs. K/T debate seriously. It's like debating whether to have a cookie or a glass of milk. Besides, why should Terezi have to choose just one guy? Terezi is awesome! She gets all the guys! All of them!

Besides, I was sold on the spadey potential of Dave/Karkat ever since that priceless chatlog where Karkat chewed out Dave and John for flirting with troll ladies and drew them an adorably terrible dating diagram, and also this happened:

CTG: ok later windbag

Heeeeeeeee. :3
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Life has been kicking me in the nads quite a bit lately, so I've been remedying that with a big dose of Homestuck. I'm currently in the midst of Act 4, and I have many thoughts on the series so far, most of which are "whaaaaaaat" and "OMG" and "owww my brain" and especially "THIS IS THE AWESOMEST SHIT EVER."

But my main reason for posting: while Homestuck's large cast opens up a wide range of shipping options, I think I may have stumbled across the greatest ship of all:


Seriously, they are so perfect for each other, I can't even deal. And now they're going to go write ironically terrible webcomics together! <333 I've shipped a lot of selfcest and alter-ego-cest ships in the past, but this might be the first time I've ever shipped one this seriously, as in "omg if they don't smush their stupid identical faces together THIS INSTANT then I will reach through the computer screen and DO IT FOR THEM, DAMMIT." And after only two pages on screen together! WTF.

Some other random early-Act-4 bits I especially liked:


Okay I was trying not to immediately like Karkat because I knew the fandom loved him and I was like "whatever fandom, I shall formulate my own opinions independent of your questionable tastes" but

oh screw it, I absolutely love Karkat. He is adorable.

-The bit where Dave talks Jade into robo-slapping herself awake. And then she accidentally admits this to Rose:

GG: but he will find a way to be clever and make me punch myself in the face again :(
TT: Did he tell you what I wrote on the walls?
TT: Wait.
TT: What?

-Terezi telling John to "stop hugging those salamanders and being so stupidly adorable," because that phrase is such a perfect description of John.

-And while I'm loving Homestuck proper, the Midnight Crew Intermission was actually my favorite part of the whole comic so far and I'll need a separate post in which to properly gush over it.
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The notoriously batshit SPN fandom is smouldering yet again. As usual, it's the Jared/Jensen tinhats — this time, they're upset because Jensen and his wife are expecting a baby. (Jared and his wife also recently had a baby.)

Amidst all the boggling, [profile] ekaterinv raised an interesting question for which I couldn't think of an answer:

Here's one thing that's bugging me: straight men can have masturbation fantasies about two hot women getting it on without believing that said women are actually getting it on. Why is there a a small and very vocal group of straight women who absolutely cannot deal with their masturbation fantasies about two hot men being [just] fantasies?

Indeed, there are several fandoms that contain these RPS "tinhats": people who don't simply ship two male actors — they believe that the two men are actually gay and actually involved in a secret relationship. Not only that, but these fans tend to be incredibly rabid in their beliefs — they're hugely invested in believing that the relationship between these two men is real and not a fantasy.

But the question is: why are these tinhat fans almost always women? Like [profile] ekaterinv said, there are plenty of straight men who can enjoy girl-on-girl fantasies without needing them to be real. I'm racking my brains, and I can't think of any instance where a bunch of fanboys were religiously devoted to the idea of two specific actresses being secret lesbian lovers. So why is that?
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I'm not going to do that "skip to the ending" thing with Heartcatch or Suite because, well, I actually like those shows a lot, and they have way more plot and less filler than previous Precure seasons. So here's some commentary on the Cure Beat arc and other miscellany.

-The Fairy Tones are way less annoying than the average Precure mascot, and I loved that bit where Hummy realizes that she forgot that there's really 8 Fairy Tones instead of 7, and then this happens:

-Also loved Hummy's little Cure Muse puppet theatre, crewed by Fairy Tones.

-Cure Muse has by far the sexiest outfit in all of Precure history, which becomes extra awkward later when we find out that she's, what, 10 years old? Dammit Toei, stop putting the elementary schoolers in catsuits!

-But okay, I'm not watching this show for the cute mascots or the skintight leather — I'm watching it for the "homoerotic cat angst" as Quaedam put it when explaining her gorgeous fanart of said angsty gay cats.

If you watch a lot of Precure, you come to expect that an average season of Precure will contain lots of gay subtext, especially between the Dark Magical Girl(s) and the heroine, provided that a DMG is present in the story. Sure enough, Suite Precure adheres to this rule, except that the DMG and the heroine in question are both mascot characters. By which I mean...

..they're freaking cats. This show is making me ship a couple of cats. OH ANIME.

Cut for more about GAY KITTIES )

-Seiren: I don't care what happens to me! But if you hurt Hummy, I'll never forgive you!

Yep, still shipping the cats.

-Despite this show having possibly the most hideous henshins in Magical Girl history, I do like some of the other stock footage, like the Belltier attacks and the duo's Super Quartet finisher. And dang, this season's attacks really went overboard with the explosions. I approve!

-Cure Beat can play a guitar riff on her cowlick. Okay, all you other Magical Girls can go home now, because nobody is ever going to top that.


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