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Name:Sing me a bawdy song, make me merry
Location:United States of America

I am a:
-canon whore
-Fandom Wanka
-feminist hippie
-yuri fangirl
-TV Troper


Currently I'm channeling most of my fannish energies into working on the Magical Girl Project, a research project on the history and evolution of the Magical Girl genre.

You can find my older posts here at Livejournal.

Things I am currently watching/reading:
-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo
-Attack on Titan
-assorted sections of the Pretty Cure franchise

Things I am reading/watching sporadically:
-Soul Eater
-Mahou Sensei Negima
-Skip Beat
-stuff on Lililicious

Things I am not reading/watching anymore but still talk about sometimes:
-FMA manga
-Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Friending Policy: Feel free to friend and/or defriend me at will. I'm pretty easy-going about the whole thing.

I make icons!
I make vids!
I make picspams!
I have two Tumblrs: @sunisup and @fuckyeahfemslash

Other resources:
The Trigger List: a list of mainstream books/movies/etc that contain triggery material, specifying which chapters/episodes are to be avoided.
Dudes Dig the Kickass Ladies: a list I made in order to prove that shonen does not have to be sexist.
Pixiv Tutorial: how register for and navigate Pixiv, for people who can't read Japanese.

Interests (105):

aang's lieutenants, actual dialogue in the english dub, akiko morishima, all the fictional women you hate, austria/hungary, avatar: the last airbender, axis powers hetalia, azula/aang, azula/sylar, baltar/baltar, beatrice/battler, being a canon whore, being straight for wapourif, bff otps, black lagoon, bleach miraclehate, blind ninja nuns, bsg, bunny girls in spaaace, capslock, claymore, cow-sensei's omakes, dominura/limone, durarara, ed/maka, ed/winry, enchiladas, epic camel-watering, fanart, fandom wank, femslashing for great justice, fma, friendship is magic, getsumen to heiki miina, giogio's faaaaabulous adventure, giorno giovanna, girl friends, grimmjow's stomach hole, haruhi/kyon, hating on "smush" ship-names, helen/deneve, hotaru/chibiusa, hugging creepers, i wanna mock people, if ladies then yuri, immortal rain, it was the glasses!!, italy/germany, izumi/olivia pwning everyone, jojo's bizarre adventure, kara/lee, killing gay clowns, kuragehime, kyoko's magical lesbian rays, lady gaga, lee/alcohol/broom/pigeon = ultimate ot4, liking multiple female characters, lucky star, magical girls, mahou sensei negima, majokko tsukune-chan, maka the amazing/her loyal househusband, male cleavage windows, minecraft, not hating on raki, obsessing over 10000 pixels, oppressing you with obhwf, ouran, panty and stocking, panty/brief, princess tutu, radishes solve everything, raiden's assets, rayflo's tongue, ren tsuruga's fucking face, revy/rock, riful/dauf, roy/riza, sailor moon, sailor moon abridged, sawyer/starbuck, sayid's torturing scrunchie, simoun, skip beat, so-rrrrrruuuuuu!, soul eater, starbuck, swan, the mirrorball suit, the nostalgia chick, things that are british, todd in the shadows, tv girlfriends, tv tropes will ruin your life, umineko, uranus/neptune/pluto, usagi/everyone, vassalord, vidding, vince noir's hair, yankee-kun to megane-chan, yu-gi-oh abridged, yuri, zero punctuation, zuko/angst
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