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Well this is it folks, I've finally made it to the end. *sniffle*

Oh wait, no I haven't because I still have six more of these to read! And counting!

-Oh great, the chapter opens with a sketch of Narancia. Thanks Araki, way to rub salt on the wound.

-D'aww, Giorno turned a piece of Mista's gun into a cute lil' mole.

-Now Diavolo is possessing his daughter and puppeting her Stand around in order to hijack her body. That's rather creepy.

-OMG Trish softened Mista's bullets so that they stuck to Diavolo's Stand!

Trish: I've also conquered my own past. I won't run from you anymore! The more you try to subdue me, the more I will fight you!


-I like how each chapter has little updates on who's inhabiting which body, in case we got confused week-to-week.

-Oh shit, Bruno just killed Requiem! It's great that he stopped Diavolo from getting the arrow, but now he's going to get sucked back into a dead body, and Mista's going to be in a serious pickle as well.

-Bruno: Giorno, the rest... I leave to you...

Awwwww Giorno's faaaaace ;________;

-Pfft, and now we have a page of Bruno like ascending into heaven with cherubs or some shit. BECAUSE HE IS JUST THAT AWESOME.

-Diavolo's having a villainous hissy fit. Dude, you should be panicking right now, because Giorno's about to punch the crap out of you for killing his boyfriend.

-What effect does the arrow have on Gold Experience? It makes it ~*~sparklier~*~ of course!

-When Giorno makes his gang-star pose, that's how you know shit's about to get real.

-Diavolo uses his foresight to predict that Giorno is about to do... a bunch of spam punches. Oh come on Diavolo, you don't need special powers to be able to predict that! This is JJBA, where all epic battles must involve spam punches!

-Haha, sometimes the shading makes it look like Giorno is bleeding out of his hair tubes. I wouldn't be surprised if those hair tubes were alive.

-Looks like the gang is going on a roadtrip in between chapters.

-Aww King Crimson got punched so hard that his little extra face broke off.

-I like how Trish and Mista are smart enough to be instantly suspicious of Diavolo's body disappearing from sight in the river, and to wonder if he might be Not Quite Dead.

-Hahaha I wondered where this memetic pose came from. Mystery solved!

-Now we have Trish's info page: I think it's funny that Araki included a favorite clothing brand for Trish but not for any of the boys, possibly because there is no store on the planet that sells clothes as ridonkulous as theirs.

-Awwww Mista says they need to go back to the Colosseum to heal Bruno and Giorno gets all wibbly and awwwww. :( And then Bruno gives him a heavenly pep talk.

-And now we're in a flashback in which Mista is being stalked by a boulder. This manga is weird.

-Oh wait, the boulder was stalking Bruno, because it knows he's going to die soon. This boulder is just like that cat at that one retirement home that can predict when a patient is going to die.

-And finally, Giorno's info page. Ha, his favorite musical is Les Miserables. Isn't that one kind of a massive downer?

-Hahahahahahaha so Mista takes a dive off a multi-story building in an attempt to smash the boulder (and survives, which he knew would happen because the boulder was still predicting Bruno's death) and he crash-lands onto a car that turns out to be Fugo's! And Fugo is like "Uh, I just came back to give you your walkman."

-I really liked that whole story with the clairvoyant boulder Stand, that was cool.

-Aww a tiny Polnareff is sticking up out of the turtle!

-Lol now Mista and Trish are being complete dorks together and Giorno's just standing there frowning like "THIS IS A SRS MOMENT. PEOPLE ARE DEAD, QUIT GOOFING AROUND."

-And now Giorno is the new boss! And he has a fancy chair to sit in.

Awww I'm really going to miss these characters. Now I have to decide which part to read next — I'm currently waffling between Part 2 and Part 4. (Reading things in order? Psh.)
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