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How bad has my Homestuck nerdery gotten?

I'm currently building a Minecraft version of the Alterniabound game. It's almost finished and it's gonna be SWEET AS FUCK.


Dec. 16th, 2012 01:16 am
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Hurk. Well I'm sick for the THIRD TIME since I got hired two months ago. Such is the life of a grocery cashier in winter, though I'm starting to wonder if my immune system is completely incompetent or something. At least all I've gotten is colds so far, as opposed to my coworker who came down with shingles.

Between my new job and being sick, I haven't been doing a lot of fannish stuff, hence the lack of posts. Mostly I've just been watching MST3K and Todd in the Shadows and Zero Punctuation, and occasionally bingeing on Minecraft. I've twice downloaded MCEdit and tried to figure out how to use it, but I can't make heads or tails of the damn thing. WorldPainter is a lot more straightforward, although my lack of drawing skills is a bit of a handicap.

I'm meaning to read more JoJo's and Attack on Titan and work some more on the MG Project, but currently lack the mental power to do any of those things, since my brain seems to have been replaced by a big wad of mucus.

Also I see that LJ has mutated into an even more hideous version of its former self. I'd like to thank the design team for reassuring me that moving to DW was the right decision.
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I have been really bad about posting lately, because I've been spending most of my time:

a) watching MST3K
b) building Charles-Wysocki-inspired houses in Minecraft
c) BEING EMPLOYED OMGGGG praise baby Jesus, no more filling out job applications!
d) getting sick AGAIN after I just spent a month getting over a chest bug, probably due to the aforementioned new job and getting plunged into a delightful cornucopia of new germs

Regarding item A, I've been watching some good ones:

-The Sinister Urge is a fun one because when you get Ed Wood to directly a morality tale about why porn is eeeeevil, you guarantee a bunch of hilariously preachy dialogue and boneheaded plotting. I love how when the detective guy says that making porn is "worse than kidnapping or dope-peddling," Crow just straight-up goes "No it isn't!" Also loved the bit in the opening skit when the boys give Gypsy four sets of pinking shears for her shower and then Frank sends her a fifth set of pinking shears, and Crow suggests that Gypsy return Frank's pair and get something else, and Mike goes "But what if the first four break?"

-Horrors of Spider Island is one of my favorite episodes because it's about 10% giant spiders killing people and 90% busty women finding excuses to run around in their underwear. One of the US releases called the film "It's Hot In Paradise," which is much more accurate. Anyway, I find that wherever there is gratuitous fanservice, there is funny riffing by Mike and the bots.

-Beginning of the End. Three words: "That's a postcard!" Worst special effect ever! And I want to know how they got the grasshoppers to "fall" off the "building" — I suspect somebody was at the top of the postcard with a straw and was blowing air on them to push them back. This is some A+ bad monster movie right here.

-The Giant Gila Monster taught me that despite their name, gila monsters are not scary. In fact they're kind of cute. Also, I heard that's not even a real gila monster in the movie — they used some other kind of lizard. This one has some great riffing and one of the most nauseatingly saccharine in-movie songs I've ever heard in the form of "Laugh, Children, Laugh" or whatever it's called. And I love Joel's lizard-tongue-flicking noise. And that "You don't say!" gag makes me crack up every time.

-Skydivers is probably Coleman Francis's most watchable film and it wound up being one of my favorite MST episodes so far. Dear god, the riffing in this one is hilarious. There's really nothing else to say about it, unless y'all want me to start incessantly quoting all my favorite lines from it.

-Girl in Lover's Lane is a weird case where the riffing is really funny but the movie itself is depressing as all hell. Seriously, who was this movie made for? But that whole "Are you waiting for a bus?" scene with the hooker in the bathtub is like a solid minute-and-a-half of A+ riffing.
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Guh. I would like to pretend that Minecraft hasn't completely eaten my life, but that would be a total lie, as evidenced by the fact that I haven't updated this thing in a week. Here are some Minecraft-y things I've been doing:

-built a railroad to connect my two main camps. One time I was riding along with a spare empty minecart, and a sheep walked into the road, and instead of getting run over, it got picked up by the empty minecart! So I took a train ride with a sheep sitting behind me.

-built several buildings including a lighthouse, a house based on Pueblo architecture, a big hollow sphere made of snow floating in midair, a pool illuminated with glowstone, a hut made entirely of pumpkins, a brick bakery to display all my cakes in, and a big castle/manor-house type thing. Although I don't actually live in any of them — the Minecraft world is so pretty that I don't see the point of living inside a building, so I usually camp under the stars.

-grew a ton of melons, pumpkins, wheat, and sugarcane, and made a bunch of bread and cake.

-dyed a herd of sheep in rainbow colors. And I've gotten a lot better at shearing the sheep without accidentally punching them.

-figured out how to navigate those abandoned mineshafts without getting completely fucking lost: Ariadne's gold ball of yarn! By which I mean redstone wire. I always have way more redstone than I know what to do with, so using it to mark where I've been has turned out to be a great idea.

-made a portal to the Nether. I'm not a huge fan of the Nether — it's scary, has poor lighting, and lacks variety in biomes and materials — but I wanted to make potions, so I went in on Peaceful mode, raided a fortress of all the resources it had to offer (let's just say that the inhabitants will be missing their staircases), then located a Blaze spawner and switched to Easy mode to relieve some Blazes of their rods. Heh, that sounds pervy. I also met some Zombie Pigmen at the fortress and they're actually kind of cute.

-speaking of monsters, I've been fighting more of them lately. I usually play on Peaceful mode whenever I'm building something (because I don't want to be interrupted) or cave-diving (because I like having the freedom to explore without being in a constant state of paranoia and anxiety), but I've been switching to Easy mode more often during the evenings so I can get more Exp, in hopes of at long last obtaining a Silk Touch pickaxe. Actually my biggest reason for staying in Peaceful mode is those damn Creepers. Their explosions really screw up the pretty landscape of the gameworld. There's this desert area that I've been consistently using to fight monsters in, and it looks like a freaking war zone. Often when a Creeper explodes, I'll dive into the crater and pick up all the sand blocks it left behind and fill the hole up as much as I can. I feel like I spend my nights fending off the Creepers and my days cleaning up their messes. However there's one upside to those craters: if you stick cactuses in the bottom then they serve as great traps to wear down the monsters so they're easier to kill.

-and just now I planted a bunch of giant mushrooms near my desert camp just for giggles, and then the sun set and a Creeper spawned right on top of one of the giant mushrooms! Actually it looked really cute up there, like it was a sentry keeping watch for me, with its perpetually serious expression indicating that it had no idea what a silly-looking watchtower it was standing on. Oh who am I kidding, I think the Creepers are adorable, in spite of their landscape-destroying ways. I would totally hug one if I could convince it to not explode.
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Well here is the sad ending to the sad story of my tame wolf.

After sleeping on the matter (in the real world, not in the game), I decided to keep my wolf for the time being. What can I say, it's kind of cute when it wags its tail and bounces around like a nut. I left it sitting outside when I went down into a ravine to mine because I observed that when I tried to stand still, my wolf would constantly pace around me and bump into me, and I didn't want to risk it knocking me into a lava pool. After I returned from mining, we cut down some trees together and went fishing together, and I was amused by how it kept jumping in and out of the water, and whenever it got out, it would vigorously shake the water off just like real-world dogs do. Although I eventually made it sit because it kept bumping me into the water and I suspect all its splashing was scaring the fish away.

Then night fell, and I decided to go fight some monsters and absentmindedly let my wolf come with me. And imagine my surprise when a skeleton archer walked up and my wolf suddenly attacked it! I didn't even order it to or anything, it was just like "YOU ARE MADE OF DELICIOUS BONES OM NOM NOM" and the skeleton was like *DED* and I was like "APPARENTLY I HAVE AN ATTACK DOG. KICKASS!"

But oh, I should have forseen that this would end badly. After besting a bunch of monsters, I misjudged my attack on a suicide shrub and it started to flash. I had the presence of mind to sprint backwards and took minor damage but unfortunately my wolf didn't have the same idea. I heard a yelp and saw a red shape similar to cows and pigs when they keel over, and sure enough when the explosion cleared, both the creeper and my wolf had disappeared and all that was left was a big hole in the sand. I felt so guilty — after deciding to keep my wolf, I'd gone and got it killed anyway. :(

And then I returned to my camp only to find a giant spider sitting on my bed and a creeper lurking just inside my mine-hole! And I was like "oh shit oh shit the creeper is right in the center of my camp, it's going to blow all my supplies to smithereens!" But fortunately I was able to lure it away.

And an Enderman stole a random sand block from the ground next to my camp. I saw it carrying the sand out of the corner of my eye. I wonder what they do with all the blocks they carry away?

Anyway, no more tame wolves for me. From now on, I'll be feeding bones solely to my wheat.
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Something depressing just happened to me in Minecraft.

I read on the Wiki that you can tame a wolf by feeding it a bone or two, so being curious to try out new things, I walked up to a nearby wolf and gave it a shot. Sure enough, the wolf emitted a bunch of heart shapes and suddenly looked a lot friendlier and... wait is that a red collar around its neck? That's a little more commitment than I was expecting. And then I accidentally punched the wolf — accidental punching is a frequent problem for me — but instead of attacking me or running away like the other animals do, it just kept looking at me dopily, all like "DON'T WORRY, I STILL LOVE YOU" and I was like D: D: D: "Okay, experiment completed, I think we should go our separate ways now, k bye!" *runs away*

That's when I discovered that tamed wolves are programmed to obsessively follow you no matter where you go. According to the Wiki, they'll even skip gaily into a lava pit or off a cliff in their attempts to follow the player character. And they only have two modes: a) clinging to you like a limpet and b) sitting in one place dutifully waiting for you to return, no matter how far away you go or how long you take. D: Plus they have a hunger meter, so that's one more mouth to feed. At this point, I was feeling some serious tamer's remorse and googled for a way to un-tame wolves. Apparently the only way to un-tame them is to kill them.

Guys, I am having so many sadfaces right now. I just want my tame wolf to go back and hang out with its friends! Why must it follow me around everywhere, giving me those guilt-trip eyes? I just know I'm going to end up pushing it into a lava pit to put it out of my and its misery, and then I'll feel terrible about it, even though I know it's just a boxey collection of computer pixels. :(
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HaHA! I figured out how to make obsidian! Lava stream + water stream + bucket = obsidian! Woooo!


ARGH why does it take so long to mine!? I just now planted it with my own hands, and so shouldn't it be easy to get back up again? I'm even using my fugly teal diamond pick and it's still taking forever.

Also lol @ the fact that those iron buckets are so sturdy that they can carry LAVA. And I can carry the lava bucket without burning myself. I fucking love Hollywood Convection.


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