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After doing some Tumblr-surfing, mostly looking for femslash art because what the fuck else would I be doing on Tumblr:

-I'm seeing some people being all "Omg how can you still ship spoiler ) after the latest updates revealed it to be dysfunctional and toxic! You must be a really terrible person!" It takes me back to those halcyon days in BSG fandom when people would get all pearl-clutchy at the fact that some fans shipped Kara/Leoben. Would this be an appropriate time to do a Fallout parody?

"Fandom... fandom never changes..."

Seriously people, if you can't wrap your head around the concept of shipping a dysfunctional/abusive fictional relationship because it's a glorious twisted trainwreck, then you don't belong in fandom. And you certainly don't belong in Homestuck fandom, where those kind of ships are common and frequently canon.

-There's also been some debate about whether spoiler ) is in fact a dysfunctional/abusive relationship, or whether it's totally normal in context. I think it's pretty clearly the first one. Elaboration )

-Prior to the latest updates, there was some speculation that spoiler ) happened because of magical mind-control, specifically that spoiler ) I was very relieved when this turned out not to be the case, because characters having agency and making bad decisions of their own free will and their friends having to deal with that fact is much more interesting than the old "easily fixed brain-washing" chestnut.

-There was also one detail from the update that had a lot of people freaking out and me just confused: spoiler )
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So last night I kind of went batshit crazy and made like, FIVE fanmixes all in one go and stayed up til two in the morning. My brain is just weird. However, I'm going to space them out a bit while I fine-tune some of them. Here is the first!

Cut for track listing, download, and liner notes )


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