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In the ongoing saga of Questionable Decisions Made By The TV Tropes Admins, the owner recently deleted the Naughty Tentacles page. Didn't lock it, didn't make it a "no examples please" page, just deleted it. Going to that link takes you to a page saying "WE DO NOT WANT A PAGE ON THIS TOPIC" in huge text.

Dude, I get why you might be skeeved out by this trope, and hey, so am I sometimes, but that doesn't change the fact that this trope exists. And in Japanese media, it is extremely common. And like any rape trope, it's used sometimes for fetish and titillation, sometimes for horror and drama, and sometimes for comedy and satire. Puni Puni Poemi, for example, included the trope as a way of viciously poking fun at people who enjoy tentacle porn. Berserk played it for maximum creepiness and tragedy. And PSG threw it in as part of a joke. It's not "all for creepy perverts, all the time." I know I can't be the only troper out there who's an anal completionist: what exactly am I supposed to do when I'm watching an anime and the naughty tentacles cliché shows up and I want to make note of it, either because I object to it or approve of it or am just intrigued by its presence, but I can't do that because there's no page for it? I guess I'll just catalogue such instances under the generic rape tropes, but that's still lacking in specificity.

Some light was shed on this decision when I found this thread started by the TV Tropes owner:

I came across this: , which is a well-deserved mockery of a page that makes all tropers look like pervs. Please, I'm begging you, if we have any more crap like this around wiki, please cut list it.

That is all it takes. Just put it on the Cut List.

Somebody linked to this and said:

Basically, purging the Wiki of content that makes the site look like it's full of creepers and perverts.

And somebody else replied:

Except that the wiki is full of creepers and perverts. Everybody has fetishes. Everybody. One person likes Naughty Tentacles, and one person likes crossdressing. Who gets to decide what is and isn't creepy, and where does the line get drawn?

Exactly. I approved of the site's decision to exile the Fetish Fuel trope to a separate wiki, especially since it's so endlessly subjective, and even their decision to lock some pages like Lolicon, because that one tends to inspire a lot of wank. But deleting a trope that is not subjective and shows up in tons of non-porn works in a variety of contexts just because "oh noes, people might cotton on to the fact that we're all a bunch of pervs," like what, are we in middle school suddenly? Is our ~reputation~ with a bunch of anonymous internet people that important?

Edit: What the—

They deleted Lolita.

They deleted the Lolita page and replaced it with that "WE DON'T WANT THIS PAGE" message.

They deleted the page for a widely acclaimed classic of literature that is all about how terrible pedophilia is.


Apparently FastEddie (the owner) went through and purged everything that contained adult/child sexual content, regardless of how the work in question treated said content. Tsukiyomi Moon Phase (my bad, that one's still up), Fate/Stay Night (??? I didn't even know it had loli content in it), Boku No Pico, Kodomo No Jikan, the list goes on. And dude, I hate KnJ. I think it's utter trash. But I added stuff to the KnJ page on several occasions because I want people to know that it's trash. I want people to know that skeevy crap like that exists. If you just delete all the pages, stick your fingers in your ears, and go "la la la it doesn't exist" then you just allow shit like this to keep festering in obscurity.


Though I was amused to note that the Moetan page is still up. I guess because it has no actual sex, it's all just REALLY REALLY GROSS underage fanservice. So I guess showing a fictional person sticking his dick into a 10-year-old is bad, but aggressively sexualizing a 10-year-old so that the audience can luridly fantasize about sticking their dicks in said 10-year-old = totes okay. Or maybe the mods just didn't get to it yet. But wait, KnJ didn't have any actual sex in it either, unless you count the dry-humping scene WHICH I ABSOLUTELY DO but I doubt most people would. IDK.

(Anyone who points out that Moetan's heroine is actually 17 years old will be punched. I know you can't punch people through the internet, but I'll find a way.)

Edit 2: They also haven't nuked Loveless yet. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the double standard. /sarcasm (No j/k, I intend to read Loveless at some point because it looks awesome, but still. And BnP got nuked so maybe it's not the double standard.)
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So the Hunger Games movie has come out! I haven't read the books, and I'm not planning to see the film, but I have to say: it warms the cockles of my dried up cynical little heart to see so much buzz and excitement over a major motion picture whose protagonist is a strong competent badass three-dimensional young woman. Every time I overhear some random person IRL start squeeing over the series, which has been happening constantly in the past few days, it gives me the warm fuzzies. I even heard one of my straight male college-age friends getting on his fanboy soapbox about how the film was okay but the books were way better. Take note, producers of fiction: boys are capable of liking stories with sensibly-dressed three-dimensional female protagonists!

That said: There has been some absolutely mind-boggling levels of stupidity on the internet amongst Hunger Games "fans" who were shocked and horrified to discover that the movie had cast a pair of black actors in the roles of Rue and Thresh. Even though these two characters were clearly described in the books as having "dark brown skin and eyes."

I don't know which is making me headdesk more: that people are so horrendously racist that they'll go from liking a character to disliking her and will be unmoved by the tragic death of a 12-year-old girl simply because she turned out to be black, or that people have such terrible reading comprehension. Okay, the first one is obviously worse, but I'm still amazed at the people getting up on their high horse about how the film should STAY FAITHFUL TO THE BOOKS, YOU GUYZ, even though this shit was clearly stated in the books. Is our school system really that broken? Apparently what tripped some people up was Katniss observing that Rue was "very like Prim in size and demeanor." Since Prim is pale and blonde, some readers assumed that Rue must be pale and blonde too, even though in the same sentence Katniss pointed out Rue's "dark brown skin and eyes" and even though "size and demeanor" have nothing to do with a person's race or coloring. Some other people are going "Well sure Rue has dark skin and eyes, but I didn't think she'd be black." What the hell did you think she'd be, Italian? And ugggh shade-ism, treating medium-dark/non-African skintone as acceptable but dark/African-descended skintone as bad, get the fuck oooouuuut.

I think the most revealing comment I read was this one:

Awkward moment when Rue is some black girl and not the little blonde innocent girl you picture.

The mod of the @hungergamestweets tumblr said this in response:

Remember that word ‘innocent’? This is why Trayvon Martin is dead.

I can't really add anything to that, except maybe to point at The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and the Missing White Woman Syndrome page on TV Tropes. But that one word, "innocent," really says it all. This stuff makes me wanna barf.

But yes, still cheered by the whole "Hollywood blockbuster written by a woman and starring a dangerous lady" thing. And I am glad that the filmmakers didn't whitewash Rue and Thresh, unlike some film adaptations I could name. *cough*Failbender*cough*


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