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Welp, I read all of Act 5 and watched Cascade. And then I read all the Act 6 Intermissions so that I could see what everyone was up to Post-Scratch. I'm feeling kind of dazed after pumping all that information into my brain.

And lol, I just friended a bunch of people on an anime/manga friending meme, and the first thing I post about is Homestuck, wark wark. I plan these things out so well.

I'm really glad I went into Act 5 Part 2 spoiled for all the deaths because Christ, this series is almost as trigger-happy as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! I counted and from 4900-5800, a nine hundred page span, Hussie killed 17 characters! And two of those were the same person, and two more were alt versions of the same person. Okay, so 6 of those 17 people got revived, but that's still a pretty hefty casualty count. For a while there, the trolls' subplot had turned into an honest-to-god slasher movie!

My brain's a little too fuzzy to write much in the way of commentary (especially since Homestuck is complicated and deceptively lengthy that I don't even know where to start) but I have one observation regarding how Jack Noir was able to enter the trolls' game session: I think it's hilarious that all this time, the trolls and all the other characters believed that the Scratch was what allowed Jack to cross from one session to the other, when in reality it had nothing to do with the Scratch! Jack got to the trolls' session just by using a regular old transportalizer.
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