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Homestuck-related think piece for the day: At what point did the other trolls find out about Karkat's blood color?

On the meteor, Equius mentions something about Karkat having freakish blood, implying that it's common knowledge by that point, which makes sense because it'd be pretty hard to buy Karkat making it through a 600-hour campaign without sustaining a single flesh wound. Honestly, I'm surprised the trolls didn't find out much sooner — there was that scene early in the campaign where Sollux gets Glubbed to death and Karkat bursts into tears. Tears that are pretty obviously red. However, the only people who could see him at that moment were Jack (who already knew and didn't care), Terezi (his server, who already knew), and Gamzee, who was a) stoned as usual and b) distracted by Eridan pestering him. So it's possible that Gamzee just didn't notice Karkat's red tears. Or maybe it's a plot hole.

I'm also wondering how many of the other trolls already knew about Karkat's blood color before it was officially revealed, besides Terezi. Sollux and Aradia are both psychics, and Aradia's in contact with her numerous doomed robo-selves, some of whom witnessed Karkat get stabbed to death in alternate timelines, so it seems likely that Aradia knew about it well in advance.

Speaking of Sollux's first death, I'm also curious about what exactly caused the Vast Glub. Obviously it was tied in with the Curse Virus and the lusii all dying, but I have to wonder what could have possibly been so powerful that it killed off Feferi's city-sized monstrosity of a lusus.

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At some point Terezi mentions knowing his blood color and Karkat says something to the effect of "Promise you'll keep it secret until I'm ready to tell them" (so presumably nothing happened that he let anyone else know?) and Terezi says "Sure but I'm pretty sure they already know." Later he refers to it as "the worst-kept secret in all of paradox space." I'm not really of the opinion that anyone was surprised.

Still, it'd be really interesting to know about the exact moment when anyone (or everyone? or everyone in turns?) figured it out. There seems to have been a widespread agreement to let it be an elephant in the room but I wonder how that was agreed on, or how it looked like it without really being the case.

I always chalked it up to meteors. I mean I seem to remember references to expecting her to die soon--presumably of old age, but old age doesn't make people scream, so I assumed there was some meteor-induced pain involved.


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