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This time on JJBA: There's a shark in my soup and a weird lady standing behind me!

-Man, Narancia always gets the rawest deals. Gets half his tongue bitten off by the shark Stand, gets preyed upon by a Stand that makes you say the opposite of what you mean, gets a pen-tracheotomy from Giorno — and I love the look on the other guys' faces when Giorno jams the pen into Narancia's throat, like they're all making a mental note to never get injured around Giorno ever again.

-And after a bajillion chapters of ambiguously gay mob guys, we finally get Tizziano and Squalo, a pair of unambiguously gay mob guys. Too bad they're going to die in like 6 chapters.

-This whole fight with Narancia trying to save a throat-chomped Giorno all while being forced to say the opposite of what he means is just agonizing to watch. And seriously, I know Narancia told the other guys that there was nothing bad happening in the bathroom so of course they left, but how are they not hearing him shooting the bejeezus out of the bathroom?

-I'm impressed by Tizziano and Squalo's tactical skills — sending Tizziano's Stand after Narancia (because he's the one that the other guys take the least seriously, so they'll be the least concerned when he starts spouting gibberish) and going after Giorno first (because he's the medic).

-The creepy thing about having a remote-controlled Stand: the only way you know that it's been damaged is when you see gaping bullet-holes suddenly materialize in your own body.

-Ha! Narancia just cut off his own tongue! And he replaced it with Giorno's ladybug brooch!

-Awww, Tizziano took like ten bullets to save Squalo! :( And all to provide him with a liquid source to use Clash in. And it didn't even work! ;___; Oh yeah, and Narancia won I guess. Go team.

-I love how Narancia and Giorno both have their throats chomped and are bleeding buckets and yet they're still alive. ~SOMEHOW.~ I love shonen physiology.

-Bruno: We'd like to steal an airplane. Where are they parked?

Lol Bruno, you're so smooth.

-Ha! They're having Moody Blues fly the plane for them. And now Trish has noticed Bruno's zombie-fication. I wonder if Bruno himself has noticed it yet.

-This whole story thread with them being on the plane and gradually discovering creepy unexplained things like the dismembered fingers in the fridge and the weird writing on the wall makes me feel like I've been transported into a horror manga. And a pretty good one!

-Pfft I love how Giorno keeps trying to cut off his infected hand without success and finally Mista just shoots the crap out of it. When in doubt, shoot something. Or not, because now half of the Sex Pistols are being eaten! D:

-And now Trish is facing off against the blob monster by herself, knowing that she can't move quickly or make noise because that's how it knows where to attack. This really is turning into a horror manga! Ha, and now Trish is setting off the buttons that make the airplane seats recline in order to distract the monster. It retaliates by eating her shoe.


-Whenever it cuts to a shot of Giorno's half-transformed ladybug with fingers sticking out of it, wiggling across the floor, I totally crack up.

-EEEEEEEEEEE I love how Bruno's like "Just move towards me veeeery slowly" and Trish is like "NOPE" *runs* and Bruno's like "WHAT ARE YOU DOINGGGG" and Trish is like "SOMETHING BADASS." Which she does! Yaaaay!

-Hahahaha and then the guys are angsting about Bruno having to cut off his hand and Trish just cuts off Bruno's hand for him and she's like "Actually guys, I have Giorno's spare hand right here" *pulls it out* This manga is weird.

Ugh, I should go to sleep now, but I really want to read...

-Lol I officially love Doppio. He's such an adorable nutbar. Though I'm surprised that Araki didn't keep it a secret that Doppio = Diavolo and then grandly reveal it later on. Instead he just told us right from the get-go.

-LOLOLOLOLOL A+ manly JoJo's pose.

-I'd already been spoiled for this, but it still doesn't change the fact that Risotto's Stand ability is the AWESOMEST SHIT EVER.

-Metallica = great Stand name or greatest Stand name?

-And now Doppio is using a frog as a phone. I LOVE THIS GUY.

-EWWWWWWWWWW Risotto's Stand is creepy as hell. *shudder* And now Doppio is ripping the scissors out of his own throat! D: D: D:

-Metallica says hello! Such a badass name for such a cutesy Stand.

-Oh that was evil, Araki. Just as Risotto has figured out that Doppio = the boss and is about to finish him off, Aerosmith pops up and riddles him full of bullets. Okay, well Diavolo sort of planned on that happening, but still.

-Ha! Risotto somehow got his Stand onto Narancia's! Aerosmith has a bunch of adorable little Metallica passengers.

-Ewww now Doppiavolo is eating a live frog to replenish his iron. Two things: a) there are a lot of frogs in this manga and b) do frogs even have iron-based blood?

-And now Abbacchio's dead. :( I'm glad I was spoiled for that because it really came out of nowhere.

-Bawww and then he has a dying dream where he's talking to his old police partner and being like "But you died because I took a bribe! :(" and his partner is like "But you still did a good job finding out the truth!" and in the real world, Narancia's all freaking out and yelling at Giorno to heal him even though everyone else knows it's too late. :(

-Trish = rapidly developing daddy issues.

-The person on the computer... is that Polnareff??

-Hahaha so the Arrows are made of an asteroid infected with a space virus and if you survive the virus then you get a Stand? Next you'll be telling me midichlorians are somehow involved.

-And now Ciocolatta has shown up to gross us all out with his Stand.

Next time on JJBA: Why does a guy named "Chocolate" have such disgusting superpowers?

Also: somebody did an awesome cosplay pic of Doppio coughing up razorblades.
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