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First of all, I'm still over the moon that the Felt are back! I love those little green guys and I figured we'd seen the last of them after the Midnight Crew Intermission ended. It's so cool to see where they came from and how LE acquired them and what they dressed like before LE made them into a mob-style gang and why they're green (I figured they had to be a different species from the MC, since we've never seen any green Carapacians).

Second, I was irl laughing out loud at the second page because: NINE NEW QUADRANTS. SHIPPERS, START YOUR ENGINES. Oh that Hussie, he just never stops pushing our buttons. (I've also seen people point out that the "mating jig" thing casts a new light on that scene towards the end of the MC Intermission when Clover starts dancing around like a nut after they order him to open the safe.) Jesus, nine quadrants and 14 leprechaun dudes. That's a hell of a lot of shipping possibilities. And Snowman, who's probably just like "Why did I agree to take this job? Dear sweet warty frog-god, why?!?"


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