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Hussie, I continue to be impressed by how dedicated you are to fucking with your readership's heads.

Because in case you haven't realized/heard, he went back to all of those panels and edited John's arm in. Even the flash animations! I wonder if he's going to leave them in forever? I bet he will, just to fuck with new readers.

And for the record, since some boneheads were wondering, no the arms were not always there from the beginning. Hussie doesn't think that far ahead. I got the screencaps to prove it, and besides, all the arm-ified panels have "retcon" in the file name. Besides if the John arms were there all along, it would defeat the whole point of the update, which is that John was able to edit the comic simply by sticking his arm into that thing.

But this update raises some disturbing implications. First off, that portal thing enables the user to, well, to retcon! To permanently alter past events, apparently without creating an offshoot timeline or paradox. So the question is: what did Lord English retcon? What events were there before that he changed so that we never saw them? I'm also rather alarmed by how the portal allows you to reach into multiple times/locations simultaneously. What if your numerous arms each grabbed a nearby object — would all of those objects come back through the portal when you pulled your arm(s) back? And once the characters realize what that thing does, I shudder to think what unscrupulous folks like Vriska and Meenah might do with it.

Though actually, we don't yet know for sure that the portal is paradox-proof. After all, the John arms changed things from the audience's perspective, but so far they haven't altered any events. Maybe the portal would cause a doomed timeline if you used it to cause a paradox.

Somebody had a good theory that John (or somebody) will use this thing to rescue the genesis tadpole that fell in the volcano. I always wondered what became of that poor froggy and at what point Jade and co noticed it was missing.

In other news, Vriska getting annoyed at herself for being the voice of reason and John accidentally poking himself on Vriska's horn were both really cute.


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